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Storage Beds

Expertly designed wood storage bed frames that are space efficient with a variety of custom storage options that elegantly match the frame

Summer Savings

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About Storage Beds

Free space is not only a luxury in your bedroom, in today’s world it’s a necessity. With rooms and houses seemingly shrinking by the minute, storage can become a large problem for those of us who live in a metropolitan area and even those of us that don’t.
A wood bed frame with storage is the perfect solution to stylishly save space in your bedroom. Our selection of wooden storage beds provides easy access to underbed storage that makes preparation for play both functional and tidy.

What Kind of Wood Bed Frames with Storage Are Available?

Each of our wooden storage beds can be produced in sizes from twin beds all the way up to super emperor beds. Some of our most popular design choices include, our modern wooden platform beds, and our extra elegant canopy bed frames. All these bed styles can be designed and modified to suit your needs with our bespoke bed building options.
Whatever color scheme you’re working with and whatever style of room you’re striving to complete, our storage beds will fit right in thanks to our 17 different solid woods and finishes. Thanks to the fact that each of our beds are handmade by our expert craftsmen, each one is customisable to your personal tastes to ensure you have the bed of your dreams.

Why Choose Our Wood Storage Beds?

Each of our bed frames, including the range of our wood beds with storage, come with an 11-year guarantee. Handmade by our craftsmen in the heart of rural England, we use sustainable resources and the same method we’ve used for generations – so we know it works for making the absolute best, long-lasting double storage bed frames. 

What Storage Options Are Available?

Our storage bed frames have ample space underneath for our storage boxes.This pull-out option makes it easy to store larger objects without ruining the room’s aesthetic. Our underbed storage boxes are sized to fit underneath any of our standard height bed frames and four poster beds. The boxes are available in 3 sizes, our ½ underbed storage box, ¾ box and the larger full-length storage box. Twin size storage bed frames allow for 2 of our ½ storage boxes, or 1 ¾ box, while full storage beds and above allow for 4 or more ½ storage boxes.



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