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Get Laid Beds For Business

Our Dedicated Service For Business Clients Of All Sizes

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Get Laid Beds for Business is here to help from service. We ensure our commercial benefits are
tailored towards your business requirements, so we have a solution that meets your needs. Read
on to find out more about Get Laid Beds for Business, or email us ([email protected]) today to register your interest.

Dedicated Account Manager

Devoted to Assisting Our Partners

Every business client is assigned to a dedicated account manager who will assist you with every step of your order. They’ll listen to your needs, provide bespoke support and keep track on the progress of your order to ensure smooth and efficient delivery. We pride ourselves on our level of communication and support, so you can be confident that your order will be fulfilled as planned.

Competitive Trade Discount

Value For Your Business

We work hard to ensure our beds are competitively priced to help meet the budget for your project. Your account manager will explore different options with you, depending on your order, so you can get the best rate and value for your business.

Buy Once

Long Lasting Quality British Bed Frames, Saving You Money

All of our wooden beds and accessories are handmade to order in Leicestershire, in the heart of England. We believe is using only the best tried and tested carpentry techniques and 100% solid woods to ensure our beds are designed to last a lifetime. This means you only buy once. Saving you stress, money and helping to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Worldwide Delivery

Delivering to 97% of countries around the world

We provide delivery to 197 countries and territories around the world. Our beds arrive to our trade partners fully flat-packed in weight balanced boxes. This makes our beds easy to transport and fit through the tightest of spaces, including loft hatches and spiral staircases.

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Learn more about Get Laid Beds for Business or register your interest through our customer service team. Call 0203 695 2463 or email [email protected] to enquire about setting up your Get Laid Beds for Business account.

Made in England
Shipping Worldwide

Note: International shipping prices are charged per bed rather than per order. This is due to the bulky nature and weight of these products.

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