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Beech Wood Bed Frames

With Their Gentle Pink Cast And Tightly Speckled Grain, Beech Wood Bed Frames Are Sure To Take Pride Of Place In Your Home.

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17 Finishes To Choose From

All our beds are available in any color, in any Size and all fully customizable.


44 Products

Platform Bed (No Headboard)

Sale -13%
From $774 $674

Oxford Bed

From $1,487
Wooden London Bed in Honey

London Bed

Sale -14%
From $1,487 $1,281
Summer Four Poster Bed in Warm White

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Summer

Sale -15%
From $1,855 $1,570

White Knight Bed

Sale -13%
From $1,095 $952
Chelsea Wooden Bed in Warm White

Chelsea Bed

From $1,555
The Deco Bed in Solid Oak Hardwood

The Deco Bed

Sale -17%
From $1,652 $1,364
Kensington Bed in Solid Ash

Kensington Bed

Sale -19%
From $1,555 $1,267

Low Platform Bed (No Headboard)

Sale -13%
From $782 $680

Low Tokyo Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -16%
From $1,036 $872

Low Tokyo Bed

Sale -16%
From $1,036 $872
Floating Platform Wooden Bed Frame Black Wash

Floating Platform Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -20%
From $1,046 $832

Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -14%
From $1,415 $1,210
The Wooden Enkel Bed Frame in Black Wash

Enkel Bed

From $1,390
Cambridge Wooden Bed Frame in Black

Cambridge Bed

From $1,135
The Kings Bed

The Kings Bed

From $1,225
Classic Wooden Bed Frame

Classic Bed

From $1,135
Guest Bed

Guest Bed

From $793
Wooden Day Bed in Black Wash Finish

Modern Daybed

From $1,018

About Beech Wood Bed Frames

Our solid wood beech bed frames are gorgeous in all kinds of bedrooms that are looking for a light and warm finish. With such an extensive range, we’re sure we have the right beech bed for you.

What Kind of Beech Wooden Bed Frames are Available?

This range of wooden beech bed frames comes in all sizes, from our twin size beds to the super emperor. Or, thanks to our bespoke bed service, you can design your custom size bed with us today.

All of our beech bed frames are available in every style, as well as size, so whether you prefer the versatile wooden platform beds or something that makes more of a statement like a grand canopy bed, we believe that we have something for everyone.

Why Choose Our Beech Wooden Bed Frames?

Each of our wooden beech bed frames are made with 100% solid beech, and using generations-old techniques that we believe in. Combined with strong materials, we truly believe in the quality of beds we produce. That is why each one comes with an 11-year guarantee.

Made in England - Shipped Worldwide

We now ship to more than 38 countries. Our globally renowned handmade beds can be enjoyed by everyone who values the importance of a good nights sleep.

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Note: International shipping prices are charged per bed rather than per order. This is due to the bulky nature and weight of these products.