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Space Saver Bed Frames

The space efficient and sleek design of these space saving bed frames provide a practical solution to create more space in your bedroom

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All our beds are available in any color, in any Size and all fully customizable.


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About Space Saver Bed Frames

Our range of wooden space saver beds are a condensed version of some of our most popular bed frame designs. The ultimate goal of these is to maximize the available space in your bedroom, making them the ideal solution for rooms in which space is tight.


The frames of our space saver beds have been cleverly designed to be as efficient as possible. This is achieved by the mattress sitting on the top of the space saving bed frame rather than within it. This still offers the excellent support of all our other beds while being smaller in stature. The space saving bed frame design offers a surprising amount of extra space, meaning it can be placed in even the tightest of bedroom dimensions. There are many different styles of space saving beds available, meaning that finding the ideal option for you and your bedroom design has never been easier. If you need even more space then one of our wood beds with storage in the space saving design ensures there is ample underbed storage space for any unsightly bedroom clutter. 


Our handmade wood space saving beds for adults have many benefits, one of which being the huge range of sizes available. The space saving king and queen size beds are among our customers’ favorites, or why not try a space saving twin bed for small rooms when you’re really trying to optimize space?


With our space saving beds being made to order, we offer a range of different options so each and every space saving bed frame can be made personal to you. We have a range of different stain options including our natural looking sandy as well as a sleek black finish, both of which have proven to be amongst the most popular choices.


If you’d prefer a more classic finish, we offer a range of hardwood options. Among these are our elegant Oak and Walnut, which look grand in any bedroom environment. If you’d like any alterations, as perhaps you want something that is bigger than a queen size bed, but slightly smaller than a king size bed, this is a service that we also offer with our custom beds building service. Our aim is to ensure your wood bed is just how you want it.


As a wood bed frame manufacturer, we use a lot of timber in the making of our beds. Because of this, we take pride in caring for the environment. We like to make sure we source our wood from locations which have FSC and PEFC approval.


Our aim is to offer the very best at every stage of the process, from ordering right up until the bed arrives at your door. If you’d like to know more about any of our space saving beds then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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