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A Buying Guide to Space Saver Beds

By Helena Young 7 February 2023

Space saver bed frames are one of our absolute favorite space saving bedroom ideas, because they’re all about utilizing the space you have. For some styles, this will mean having the bed take up as little room as possible. For others, it could involve a multipurpose storage element.

All space saver beds, however, have one thing in common. The thing that makes a bed a space saver is that the mattress sits on top of the bed frame, rather than within it. This means that the bed frames are the same size as the mattresses they take, when they would typically be a bit larger. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference this can make!

The GLB Guide to Space Saver Beds

Are Space Saver Beds Less Comfortable?

Our wood space saver beds are just as comfortable as any of our other wood bed frames. The bed frames themselves are handmade with generations-old techniques that we’ve tried and tested for optimal comfort.

Despite their size efficiency, our space saver bed frames can hold any standard size mattress, meaning you don’t have to compromise.

Are Space Saver Beds Expensive?

People sometimes expect our space saver beds to be more expensive due to their being non-standard. However, that’s not the case! Our space saving beds for adults are just as affordable as any of our other bed frames.

In fact, some of our space saver bed frames have a starting price as low as $494! Even our best space saving beds won’t break the bank.

Can I Add Accessories to my Space Saver Bed?

At Get Laid Beds, we have several optional accessories that you can add on to your bespoke bed frame. You can add these to any wood bed frame you buy from us, including any of our space saver bed frames!

Some bed frames will not be able to host certain accessories. For example, you won’t be able to get a storage box under one of our low beds. However, just because a bed is a space saver version doesn’t mean it automatically won’t be suitable for our range of accessories.

Is it Easy to Install a Space Saver Bed?

Our wood bed frames are all easy to assemble. Once you’ve ordered a bed from us, it will arrive at your door flat packed for self-assembly. This goes for all our bed frames, including our space saving beds for adults and children alike.

There are several reasons behind why we flat pack our furniture, one of them being our commitment to giving back to the environment and maintaining our status as a sustainable company. By flat packing our bed frames, we can fit more of them onto each van we send out, reducing our overall emissions.

Once it arrives at your door, the flat-packed bed frame is then easier for you to maneuver to the right room and set it up yourself.

Do Space Saver Beds Come in All Sizes and Finishes?

Yes! All our wood bed frames, including any from the space saver range, are available in any size from a small single at 2’6” x 6’3” all the way up to the super Caesar at 9’0” x 7’0”.

They’re also available in every one of our 17 different finishes. That includes eight solid hardwoods (including the highly popular classic oak) and nine versatile color finishes, like sleek black and sophisticated coffee bean.

What Types of Space Saver Beds Are Available?

Because the space saver element of a bed frame is to do with the way the mattress is positioned, there really is no one style that all space savers adhere to. No two beds are the same in this category, but below, we’ve suggested four of our best space saving beds.

Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saving)

The Shoreditch platform bed encompasses everything that a space saving bed is about. This minimalist design takes up as little space as possible, with the mattress sitting centrally on top with a slight overhang. These bed frames are great for the chic aesthetic of a city apartment, or for using in more limited spaces like lofts.

Low Modern Attic Bed

Speaking of lofts – nothing quite suits a loft room like our low modern attic bed. This type of bed is inspired by the Japanese tatami bed style. You can find out more about what that means in our blog post, What is a Tatami Bed?

Having you sleep so close to the ground, these are the perfect beds for low ceilings. That way, when you’re in bed you don’t find yourself at risk of hitting your head when you sit up in the morning.

Japanese Storage Bed

The Japanese storage beds sits at a standard bed height, and utilizes the space underneath for additional storage. Ideal for keeping extra bedding or your winter wardrobe, this bed frame saves you space when it comes to your belongings as well as having a slimmer frame than our non-space saving bed frames.

Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)

The low oriental bed is one of our most classic-looking bed frames, which sits low to the ground for getting in and out of with ease. With 17 different available finishes, there’s sure to be one that looks great in your bedroom.

Stylish and classic, the low oriental bed is a minimalist frame that would pair well with most bedroom décor styles. As an added benefit, it’s yet another one of our great beds for low ceilings.

Space Saving Beds at Get Laid Beds

We have dozens of different wood bed frames available in the space saving style at Get Laid Beds. What’s more, we offer a bespoke made to measure service at a small additional fee, meaning that if none of our standard sizes are quite right for you, we can purpose-build one that’s just right.

If the space-saving element isn’t a deal breaker, it might be worth having a look at our full range of wood beds. With so many different design options available, one of them may well catch your eye.

Get in touch with one of our experts for more information on creating the bed of your dreams.

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