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What is a Tatami bed?

By Jonathan 3 October 2019

In a world full of new trends and fashions, we see that some of these are actually previous trends returned. The Tatami mat happens to be traditional in the Japanese culture and is a different style from the Western beds most commonly known. The Westernized “tatami bed” provides a small raised support to these mats in a frame, but very low to the ground. In this article we will discuss what a Tatami bed is, as well as it’s many benefits.

What is a Tatami Bed?

The Tatami style bed is typically a Japanese bed frame with small areas for Japanese tatami mats to be inserted.

Tatami mats actually have roots in nobility and formal military reception rooms, but have been used in wider settings since the 17th century. They have now become a contemporary style to use in a home which relishes in the simplicity of the Japanese minimalist style. You can even consider pairing your Tatami bed with something like Buckwheat hull pillows for an extra dose of sustainable comfort.

What are the benefits of a Tatami bed?

One of the primary differences between it and Western beds is that it is very low to the ground. Compared to typical beds which can sit as high as your waist, this can be a large but prosperous change for you. Partly because the material used for the Tatami bed is beneficial to your health! The sturdiness combined with the material allow for health benefits such as:

  • Hygienic: The mats used between the mattress and frame allow for much easier cleaning 

  • Firm support: Support joint stability and alignment (assuming your doctor approves)

  • Sustainable: Made from rice straw, the material is ecologically responsible with a low carbon footprint

  • Breathable: The material allows for mold control and heat isolation

  • Increased blood flow: Getting out of the low level bed requires you to move much more than you may have needed previously such as stretching prior to getting up.

What is a Tatami mat?

Tatami mats have been used since at least the 8th century, during the Nara period. They were previously only used by royalty and upper-class residents for sleeping. Tatami mats were once exclusively used for sleeping or sitting, but starting in the 16th century, they started to be utilised as flooring to cover entire rooms.

What uses does a Tatami mat have?

Some, however, choose to use the bed without these since your mattress will go on top of the frame. If you do decide to purchase the Tatami mat to go with it, you actually have many uses for it in addition to being an added cushion for your bed:

An element of decoration for a Japanese feel and to bring light to your interior
It can be used as a mousepad or tray for a tea ceremony or as a decoration on a figurine, under a vase, on a wall in a room or office.

Extra cushion for your floors instead of chairs or even rugs
You can also place wooden floor tiles one by one on the tatami mats if you are particular about the way the flooring looks. It is also feasible to easily build a flooring space with a kind that may be set directly on the tatami mat without the need of adhesives.

Helpful to control humidity
By absorbing the nitrogen dioxide in the air, tatami mats aid in air purification. Additionally, they are hydroscopic, accumulating moisture during times of high humidity and naturally releasing it during times of dry air.

Whatever use you decide upon for your mats, you’ll likely get the calming spirit of its historical traditions. These mats have been inserted into Japanese culture over the last couple of centuries into proverbs such as “strategy planning on tatami,” meaning all talk and no action, and “even if a room has 1,000 tatami, a person only needs one to sleep on,” meaning don’t take more than you need.”

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