Cherry Wood Bed Frames

Available In A Range Of Styles And Sizes, Our Cherry Wood Bed Frames Will Add A Warming Sense Of Luxury To Your Interior Space. Handcrafted To Perfection From 100% Solid Wood

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All our beds are available in any color, in any Size and all fully customizable.


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Low Oriental Bed

Sale -17%
From $984 $820

Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -16%
From $1,036 $872

Platform Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -13%
From $782 $682

Oxford Bed

Sale -14%
From $1,487 $1,281
Wooden London Bed in Honey

London Bed

From $1,487
Wooden Classic Four Poster Bed in Oak Solid Hardwood

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Classic

Sale -13%
From $2,117 $1,832

White Knight Bed

From $1,095
Chelsea Wooden Bed in Warm White

Chelsea Bed

Sale -19%
From $1,555 $1,267
The Deco Bed in Solid Oak Hardwood

The Deco Bed

From $1,652
Kensington Bed in Solid Ash

Kensington Bed

From $1,555

Low Kensington Bed

Sale -19%
From $1,528 $1,240

Low Platform Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -13%
From $790 $688

Low Tokyo Bed

From $1,036
Floating Wooden Bed Frame in Coffee Bean

Floating Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -16%
From $1,435 $1,210
The Wooden Enkel Bed Frame in Black Wash

Enkel Bed

From $1,390
Cambridge Wooden Bed Frame in Black

Cambridge Bed

From $1,135
The Kings Bed

The Kings Bed

From $1,225
Classic Wooden Bed Frame

Classic Bed

From $1,135
Guest Bed

Guest Bed

From $793
Wooden Day Bed in Black Wash Finish

Modern Daybed

From $1,018

About Cherry Wood Bed Frames

A cherry wood bed is widely known and accepted to look especially elegant where the rewards for attention to detail and stylish designs can be reaped. 

Our soft red cherry bed frames tie a room together with their warm color. If you’re looking for that country home touch, the unique look of our cherry bed frames could be the ideal look for your dream bed.

What Kind of Cherry Wooden Bed Frames Are Available?

Our cherry wood beds are available in all of standard bed sizes, our most popular options often include twin cherry wood beds, queen cherry wood bed frames and king cherry wood bed frames

Whether you’re fitting out a bedroom for a young child or designing a grand master bedroom, we have the sizes and styles for both; we even offer a made to measure beds service if none of our standard sizes are quite right for you. Some of our most popular standard size choices include cherry twin beds, cherry wood full size beds, a cherry queen bed and a cherry king bed.

Every style of bed that we offer is available in this beautiful, soft red cherry wood, from our convenient space saver beds to our grand selection of four poster canopy bed frames. Each one is fully customizable, down to the shape of the bed’s legs.

Why Choose Our Cherry Wooden Bed Frames?

Sustainable and trustworthy, we’re proud of the quality of our cherry wood beds and service at Get Laid Beds. We only use methods and materials that we believe in, so each of our beds has an 11-year guarantee and can hold up to 474kg of weight; the equivalent of up to five adults. If you need some help deciding, why not use our 3D design feature to see what your cherry wood bed frame would look like in your home, or get in touch today?

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We now ship to more than 38 countries. Our globally renowned handmade beds can be enjoyed by everyone who values the importance of a good nights sleep.

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