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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Space With Beds For Loft Rooms

By Jonny Haskins 2 February 2023

Converting your loft into an extra bedroom is a great way to make the most of your space. Whether you're looking for more space for guests, or want to make a den for your teenage kids, finding the perfect attic bed is key.

Accessing a loft can be awkward, which often means your choice of bed frame is limited. Add in the restraints of a low ceiling, and your options quickly dwindle. But with our range of Low Beds and Space Saver Beds, you can find the perfect bed frame for your loft space without compromising on style.

Attic Beds

Low Modern Attic Bed (Scandinavian Pine, Coffee Bean Satin Stain)

Finding beds for small loft bedrooms can seem daunting; with numerous access issues and low ceilings, it’s difficult to know where to start. Which is why we created our range of wooden attic beds. Our handcrafted attic beds are specifically designed to suit any awkward loft space, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and beautiful finishes, our attic beds will make a grand and luxurious statement in your loft room. Our Low Modern Attic Bed is a minimalist must have. You could also opt for our Low Loft Bed to open up the room. Even if bedroom space is tight, these attic beds sit close to the floor, making the most of any restrictive height.

Low Beds

Low Enkel Bed (Oak)

If you are short on room, there's no reason you should have to sacrifice on style. Many of the frames from our wider range are also available in a low bed style. Their reduced stature removes the problem of low ceilings, so you can sleep in supreme style without worrying about headspace ever again.

For example, the Low Kensington Bed is grounded to expand the surrounding space and comes with a sloped headboard for extra support. Bedtime never looked so inviting. Our Low Tokyo Bed is another gorgeous option. Embellish your bedroom with this sleek, modern design and relax in the mornings with the supportive headboard.

Space Saver Beds

Low Oriental Bed, Space Saver (Scandinavian Pine, Honey Satin Finish)

If your room is restrictive in size as well as height, then our Space Saver range will be the perfect place to browse attic beds. The efficient but sleek design of these bed frames provide a great practical solution to save space in your loft.

The concept is simple; we have marginally condensed the frame and raised the slats to provide one level surface to support the mattress. This eliminates the lip around the sides of the bed; the edge of the mattress therefore sits flush with the condensed frame, giving you a few extra inches of crucial space.

Our craftspeople designed these beds to enhance space efficiency in your bedroom, without compromising on style. Many of our classic designs are available as a Space Saver, including our flagship White Knight Bed and the effortlessly chic Floating Bed.

Your Small Loft Bedroom

Low Oriental Bed (Scandinavian Pine, White Satin Finish)

To find out more about our bed frames and browse the gorgeous finishes available, take a look at our range of attic beds online or contact our dedicated customer service team with any questions you may have.

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