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Low Oriental Bed

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Low Oriental Bed
Warm White (Satin) Finish
Low Oriental Bed
Low Oriental Bed
Low Oriental Bed
Low Oriental Bed

Low Oriental Bed


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The Handmade Low Oriental Bed Frame
The Low Oriental Bed Frame is both a simple and subtle low bed frame style that offers a great contemporary appearance. Handmade in the heart of Britain, in our workshop in Leicester, the handmade wood Low Oriental Bed Frame is designed with clean lines and a minimalistic frame which is ideal for any bedroom setting. Featuring a small headboard the Low Oriental Bed offers extra head support while still remaining low, making it a brilliant choice for loft conversions and attic bedrooms.
Why Choose The Wood Low Oriental Bed Frame?
The low height of the low bed frame is one which has proven popular in creating a spacious feel in any bedroom. The Low Oriental Bed also captures the balance between an oriental feel and a more modern aesthetic bed frame. The low nature of this wood bed frame also makes it a great choice for smaller rooms and restrictive ceiling heights, such as loft conversions and attic bedrooms, the Low Oriental Bed Frame is designed to fit perfectly in these tight areas. 
The Low Oriental Bed is handmade in Britain from either Solid Scandinavian Pine or a solid hardwood in order to present you with plenty of customizable options. This is perfect to truly personalize your wood bed frame to your exact needs and bedroom decor. We also offer a range of color finishes for you to choose from, including such colors as the natural sandy, smooth white, professional black and  stunning grey, all of which have been popular color choices amongst our customers. We can also make the bed frame from a hardwood option, and this includes customer favourites, including Oak, Walnut and Ash, all of which look great in master bedrooms.
We handmade all of our wood bed frames in order to ensure that each one is built with quality, and fit together perfectly. Our long heritage in carpentry has allowed us to take advantage of time-tested techniques including tenon and mortise joints that ensure a durable and quality wood bed frame. We are so confident in our methods, craftsmanship and quality of materials that we offer an 11-year structural guarantee with all our wood bed frames, as standard.
Custom Wood Bed Options
We handmake to order here in Britain, and this allows us to offer a variety of custom options. We strongly feel your wood bed should be to your personal tastes, so not only do we have various different color finishes for your wood bed frame, but also our alterations service. This allows you to make any size or design changes to your bed frame, so you can get the exact bed that is suited your size and personal tastes. Simply let us know of your desired changes and we can have this made to your exact bespoke requirements.
Similar Designs To Our Low Oriental Bed Frame
If you’re looking for a sleek design like the Low Oriental Bed, but don’t wish for a headboard then we recommend taking a look at our Low Platform Bed. This offers the same low benefits as the Low Oriental Bed Frame, except it loses the headboard for those who prefer the appearance and style. If you enjoy the design of the Low Oriental Bed but are looking for a bed frame that manages space more efficiently, then take a look at our Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving). This bed frame utilises the space on top of the bed frame, to allow the mattress to sit directly on top of it. This not only provides more bedroom space but also has a unique contemporary style to the bed frame.
Please note: Bedding is not included with this low bed frame.

Low Tokyo Wooden Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions


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