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Low Four Poster Canopy Bed

Low Four Poster Canopy Bed
Walnut (Solid Hardwood) Finish
Low Four Poster Canopy Bed
Low Four Poster Canopy Bed
Low Four Poster Canopy Bed

Low Four Poster Canopy Bed


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The Handmade Wood Low Four Poster Canopy Bed
Our Low Four Poster Canopy Bed offers a more modernised style than the average four canopy poster bed. With the same classic, subtle design as the other four poster canopy beds in our range, the main difference between this frame and the others in our range is that the Low Four Poster Canopy Bed has a reduced base height that makes it sit much lower to the ground, distinctively combining two of our most popular bed ranges, our range of stylish Four Poster Canopy Beds and our contemporary range Low Bed Frames, it’s a great combination which we are sure you’ll love.
Why Choose the Low Four Poster Canopy Bed?
If you're looking for elegance and grace in your bedroom, with a modern stamp then you’ve found it. Normally associated with the rich and powerful, and often an expensive commodity, the iconic four poster canopy bed is perfect for any master bedroom. Combining three different styles, the empowering legacy that four poster canopy beds have built, the stylish way of sleeping low inspired by traditional Japan, and a sleek design that makes the perfect fit for your bedroom. 
Custom Bed Options
The size of the Low Four Poster Canopy Bed can be easily altered so it suits you perfectly. Just like every other one of our wood bed frames, we provide bespoke alterations and hand-craft your bed to order requirements. Allowing us to provide complete customization options for your Low Four Poster. All of our beds are handmade in the heart of England by our expert craftsmen. We’re so sure of their skill, and the durability of our frames, every one of our wood beds is accompanied by an 11 Year Guarantee.
Similar Wood Bed Design
The obvious alternative for this bed frame would be any other stunning piece from our Four Poster Canopy Bed range. First and foremost, there is the regal design of the Four Poster Canopy Bed - Classic, it offers the same style and design but as a standard height bed, which is particularly traditional, and offers all the features of your typical four poster. Next in the four poster canopy bed collection is the more modern, updated style of the wood Four Poster Canopy Bed - Summer. It’s a soft, airy addition to any bedroom with a larger footboard.

Please note mattresses, bedding and underbed storage boxes are not included with the bed frame. These can be purchased separately. If you wish to use your wooden bed outdoors, please get in touch with our customer service team who can advise you on this matter.


Low Four Poster Wooden Bed Frame Schematic Sizes Drawing



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