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Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed

Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed
Warm White (Satin) Finish
Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed
Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed
Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed

Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed


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The Handmade Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed
Our Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed takes inspiration from Moroccan culture and its architecture design, bringing a modern twist to the conventional four Poster Canopy Bed frame. With its stylish tapered pillars, stunning turned block-and-vase bed legs, and the grand appearance of the tall headboard makes the black Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed a great addition to any bedroom.
This canopy bed frame is featured here in our black satin stain, you can choose from our collection of 17 finishes and solid hardwood options, the Moroccan wooden bed frame can be bespokely handmade to fit your bedroom perfectly. Throughout our 19 production stages and use of time-tested carpentry techniques, the bed frame is made with durable timber that will last for years to come. We are so confident in our craftsmanship and the 100% solid wood we use, that we offer an 11 year guarantee as standard with all our wooden bed frames.
Design Your Wooden Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed
We strive to create your perfect bed, as we are a bespoke bed manufacturer, with a heritage of handcrafting solid wooden beds and through our experience in craftsmanship and carpentry. This is why we offer a collection of customisable features for your Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed frame, from the 17 wood finishes, 17 sizes and a collection of additional accessories, therefore you can truly personalize your bed frame. You can choose from customer favourites such as our contemporary black (as featured), sleek and modern white, a more natural look with the honey satin that takes a more neutral appearance. You can also match the aesthetics of existing furniture with our solid hardwood options from solid Oak to the unique appearance of our Walnut.
Bespoke Bed Frame Alternations
If you are looking for a specific size or design alteration, our craftsmen can handcraft your wooden bed to your needs. From restrictive ceiling heights, small bedroom spaces or a particular look you’re after, our service lets you bespokely alter the Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed frame design or size so you can get exactly what you need.
If you are looking for an alternative to our Moroccan Bed frame, you may consider our Four Poster Canopy Bed - Classic that looks remarkable with its smooth lines and geometric bed frame design. If you’re looking to keep with the contemporary style, then also consider our Low Four Poster Canopy Bed and its twist on the classic design with a low bed frame profile. Both these alternatives allow you to create a canopy using drapes, a feature that makes the classic design of the four Poster Canopy Bed frame so unique and grand in appearance.
Please note that mattresses, bedding and accessories are not included with the black Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed.



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