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Full Double Storage Beds

Expertly designed wood storage bed frames that are space efficient with a variety of custom storage options that elegantly match the frame

About Full Double Storage Beds

With one of our stylish full size storage bed frames, you can sleep in luxury while saving space. It makes the most of modern yet minimalist bedrooms. Since full beds are big enough for two people to share while still being comfortable for one, they are great for guest rooms and couples.

We only use wood that has been sourced sustainably when building our beds. Our full storage beds are 4'5" x 6'3 in size, but if this isn’t right for you, take a look at our bespoke bed building service.

What Kind of Full-Size Wood Storage Beds Are Available?

We offer 10 luxurious satin stain treatments to help you add a special touch to your custom full size bed. For your wooden bed frame, pick from some of our customers' favorite finishes, like a smooth black wood storage bed, warm white storage bed, or a sleek gray.

In addition, we provide you the option of having your bed built from one of our eight solid hardwoods, if you’re after a more natural look.

Is a Full-Size Wooden Storage Bed Right For Me?

Although our full-size storage bed frames make a beautiful, elegant addition to your bedroom, there are many other good reasons to buy them. Get Laid Beds uses materials that are sourced sustainably and woodworking methods that have been tried and true for generations.

Because of this, we offer an 11-year guarantee on each of our beds. You can rest easy knowing that your bed will not only last but will also benefit the environment due to our partnership with the International Tree Foundation.

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