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Queen Storage Beds

Expertly designed wood storage bed frames that are space efficient with a variety of custom storage options that elegantly match the frame

About Queen Storage Beds

Sleep like royalty with one of our queen wooden storage beds. All of our beds are professionally made by our skilled craftsmen and are made entirely of solid wood, making them the height of luxury. Our queen storage bed frames are 5' x 6'8" in size.

What Kind of Queen Wood Storage Beds Are Available?

All of our queen size storage beds can be individually manufactured in a variety of hardwood finishes to complement your interior design preferences. Some of our most well-liked finishes include black wooden storage beds, white wood storage beds, gray, and beds constructed of natural wood.

As if that’s not enough to make the bed the perfect fit for your bedroom, we also offer a made to measure service. So, if the usual 5' x 6'8" queen size isn’t right for you, you can personalize it to the size you want.

Why Choose Our Queen-Size Storage Bed Frames?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product and service to our customers. Our queen storage beds have twice as thick slats than the industry norm and are manufactured entirely of solid wood. Get Laid Beds uses carpentry techniques that have been tried and true for generations and materials that are sourced sustainably. We provide an 11-year warranty on each of our beds as a result.

Our storage beds are also, of course, the best out there for those wanting to free up some extra space in their bedroom. For some top tips on how you can make the most of the underbed storage this bed brings, take a look at our  ‘Creative Storage Options From Get Laid Beds’ blog.

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