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Low Queen Size Beds

Browse our low queen beds that are built by hand with love and care. Add a modern touch to your bedroom, here.

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All our beds are available in any color, in any Size and all fully customizable.


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Low Oriental Bed

Sale -25%
60" x 80" - Queen $616

Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -25%
60" x 80" - Queen $616

Low Modern Attic Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $689

Low Loft Bed (Space Saving)

60" x 80" - Queen $661

Low Four Poster Canopy Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $1,193

Low Kensington Bed

Sale -30%
60" x 80" - Queen $808

Low Fuji Attic Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $961

Low Platform Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -20%
60" x 80" - Queen $544

Low Platform Bed (No Headboard)

60" x 80" - Queen $680

Low Tokyo Bed (Space Saving)

60" x 80" - Queen $826

Low Tokyo Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $826

Floating Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -30%
60" x 80" - Queen $661

Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)

60" x 80" - Queen $1,022

Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saving)

Sale -31%
60" x 80" - Queen $613

Enkel Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $961

Guest Bed

60" x 80" - Queen $661

About Low Queen Size Beds

A Modern Touch

With their small vertical footprint, low queen beds are a great choice in minimalistic bedroom settings where style is your priority. Despite their low appearance, these bed frames are just as comfortable as their traditional counterparts. 

With each bed frame built via our tried-and-tested manufacturing process, you can enjoy thousands of hours of comfortable sleep for years to come.

What Kind Of Low Queen Beds Are Available?

We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles of low queen bed frames. Low beds are indeed a more modern solution, but for those seeking a traditional twist on this contemporary bed frame, our designers have worked their magic to bring a classic touch to some of our options.

When it comes to colors, you’ll never be short for choice. From minimalist black tones to more traditional natural and oak stylings, find the low queen bed of your dreams, here.

Why Choose A Low Queen Bed?

Low queen beds are particularly great in smaller bedrooms or spaces with low ceilings. Their smaller-than-usual appearance helps them give an illusion of space in otherwise cramped rooms, helping you maximize your home’s appeal. 

Not only this, but being closer to the ground makes low queen beds much easier to get in and out of; a great benefit to those with mobility issues.

If you’re in need of something a bit more traditional, however, we can help. We have other styles of queen bed to choose from that will sit right at home in a variety of different settings. From the sheer practicality of queen storage beds to the luxurious nature of queen four poster canopy beds, we’ve got an option for everyone. 

Made in England
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Note: International shipping prices are charged per bed rather than per order. This is due to the bulky nature and weight of these products.

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