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View our range of handcrafted full size four poster bed frames. They’re sturdy, reliable and make a stunningcanopy-beds centrepiece in any bedroom

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Summer Four Poster Bed in Warm White

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Summer

54" x 75" - Full / Double $1,170
Wooden Classic Four Poster Bed in Oak Solid Hardwood

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Classic

Sale -25%
54" x 75" - Full / Double $878

Low Four Poster Canopy Bed

54" x 75" - Full / Double $1,080

Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed

54" x 75" - Full / Double $1,080
Four Poster Country Bed in Warm White

Four Poster Canopy Country Bed

54" x 75" - Full / Double $1,080

New Forest Four Poster Canopy Bed

54" x 75" - Full / Double $1,080

About Full Canopy Beds

Enjoy a Perfect Night’s Sleep in One of Our Full Size Canopy Beds 

Full size four poster canopy beds make an impressive centerpiece for any bedroom. Our wood beds are of the highest quality and can be purchased with any finish to make it more personal to you. Full size beds offer more room than a twin size bed whilst still being a suitable size for those who still want to preserve space in their bedroom.

All our full size canopy bed frames are expertly crafted to order. We use a range of traditional methods to achieve the perfect finish for your handmade full canopy bed.

What Size is a Full-Size Canopy Bed?

Full four poster beds made a grand and spectacular statement in any primary bedroom. Our wooden full size canopy beds measure in at:

Inches – W54 x L75

Feet and Inches – W4 5 x L6 4

Centimeters – W138 x L195

What Finishes Can I Get a Full Four Poster Canopy Bed in?

As a standard, we construct our full size four poster beds from solid Scandinavian pine, but if you’re after a more natural looking canopy bed frame, you also have the option to have your bed constructed from one of eight solid hardwoods that we offer. Our full poster canopy beds come in 17 finishes ranging from warm coffee bean or red forest to simple and stylish natural or untreated options. Some of our most popular choices include oak canopy beds, black canopy beds and white canopy beds.

Is a Full Four Poster Canopy Bed Right For Me?

Full size canopy beds are great for medium-sized spaces as they are bigger than twin canopy beds but smaller than queen size canopy beds. We made each canopy bed by hand to order so we can also offer you a bespoke bed that fits you perfectly.

Full canopy beds are a truly stunning part of our wooden bed collection. Their grand appearance is sure to make an impact in any bedroom.

If you want to make an impressive bedroom statement but still have space in your bedroom, then a full size canopy bed is the perfect bed for you.

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