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Discover the grand design of a twin four poster bed frame. They are perfect for a single sleeper who wants a bit more space to themselves

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Summer Four Poster Bed in Warm White

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Summer

39" x 75" - Twin / Single $1,142
Wooden Classic Four Poster Bed in Oak Solid Hardwood

Four Poster Canopy Bed - Classic

Sale -25%
39" x 75" - Twin / Single $857

Low Four Poster Canopy Bed

39" x 75" - Twin / Single $1,059

Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed

39" x 75" - Twin / Single $1,059
Four Poster Country Bed in Warm White

Four Poster Canopy Country Bed

39" x 75" - Twin / Single $1,059

New Forest Four Poster Canopy Bed

39" x 75" - Twin / Single $1,059

About Twin Canopy Beds

Enjoy Both Comfort and Space with One of Our Twin Canopy Beds. 

Shop with us for a luxury level, quality twin size four poster bed. Twin size four poster bed frames will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort as well as enough space to spread out at night. All our wood beds are handmade by our experienced team of dedicated craftsmen and are available in a range of finishes to suit you.

All our twin canopy beds are made using 100% solid wood and slats 2x thicker than industry standard for superior durability. Making them not only stylish but extremely practical.

What Size is a Twin Four Poster Canopy Bed?

Our twin canopy beds are the ideal size for a smaller bedroom or for a child who wants to make their own statement with their sleep station. Our twin size 4 poster beds measure in at:

Inches – W39” x L75”

Feet and Inches - W3’3” x L6’4”

Centimeters – W100 x L195

A perfect size if you want a comfortable, spacious night’s sleep but without taking up too much space in your bedroom.

What Finish Can I Get on My Twin Canopy Bed Frame?

Our twin four poster canopy beds come in 17 finishes ranging from dark coffee bean to light ash. Our most popular hardwood options include oak canopy beds and we offer stunning satin finishes including white canopy beds and black canopy beds.

How Do I Know If a Twin Size Canopy Bed is Right for Me?

Sleepers looking for a twin size mattress frequently require a bed with a compact design. Whether you're a young adult living in a smaller area or a parent looking for a bed for a child, a twin four poster bed is a wonderful alternative for anyone who is looking to make the most of limited space.

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