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The Low Down on Low Beds: Our Ultimate Guide

By Helena Young 7 February 2023

We all want our bedrooms to be a tranquil space where we can unwind and rid ourselves of the stress from the day just gone. However, for your bedroom to be a successful de-stressor, the little things matter a lot – even the height of the bed.

Low beds are the modern answer to almost every bedroom design concern you could have, as well as being super comfortable. Here at Get Laid Beds, we have 20 different low bed options to choose from as standard designs – but even then, each one comes in 17 different color finishes and has the option for bespoke customization.

What are the benefits of a low bed? We’ve outlined some of the best reasons for investing in a low bed, below.

Why Buy a Low Bed?

They’re Ideal Space Savers

Low height bed frames are great for spaces with Apex ceilings, low windows, or other space restrictions. Keeping the bed near to the ground will make the room feel more spacious by creating the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is.

What’s more, you could add overhead storage in the form of cupboards or open shelving to make a stylish display above your bed.

Even in larger rooms where space isn’t an issue, low beds make the perfect centerpiece. Inspired by the traditional Japanese furniture style, low beds make an eye-catching focus to any bedroom.

Perfect for Attic Rooms

More and more people are choosing to undergo a loft conversion to better utilize already accessible space, and low beds are the perfect beds for attic rooms.

We always recommend low beds in particular when furnishing an attic bedroom because they typically have such low ceilings. If this is a spare or guest bedroom in particular, a novelty of a low bed can contribute to creating a holiday feeling for your visitors.

Great for Children’s Bedrooms

Low beds are safer for young children, or for that matter, anyone who has a habit of falling out of bed at night.

If you or your child does roll and fall out of bed, you’re far less likely to get injures as the height is significantly lower than that of a standard frame.

A Contemporary, Minimalist Aesthetic

The sleek design of our wood low beds makes them a perfect puzzle piece when designing a contemporary, minimalist bedroom. The straight edges of their frame and clutter-free tranquility of being on the ground make them ideal for the ‘less is more’ aesthetic.

A Better Night of Sleep

Sleeping closer to the ground can promote better sleep. How? Well, it gives you access to cooler air, which can benefit your respiratory system while you’re unconscious.

Not only that, but the cooler air can also lower your body temperature. Being too warm at night is a common reason for struggling to sleep or waking during the night. Being lower to the ground, however, exposes you to cooler air that could lower your body temperature and, in turn, improve your sleep.

Easy Transportation and Assembly

Yet another benefit of our low wood beds is that they’re easier to transport and store due to their shorter legs.

As with all our wood bed frames, our low beds are flat packed in thin boxes for ease of delivery and assembly. The bed can then be built inside your bedroom with ease – so much so, that we estimate a build time of less than half an hour for our range of low beds.

What Styles of Low Bed Do We Have to Offer?

At Get Laid Beds, we have a huge range of low wood bed frames to suit any style or size of bedroom, but with so many options, where do you start? Below, we’ve picked out five low beds from our range that we particularly love.

Low Oriental Bed

Our Low Oriental Bed is a classic. It still features a headboard for comfort and style, but it’s designed in such a way that this doesn’t compromise the low height of the bed.

Low Shoreditch Bed

The Low Shoreditch Bed merges modernist design and classic Japanese style for the best of both worlds. Its inset frame creates a mysterious floating effect when made up, and the unique slanted headboard is perfect for anyone who likes to read or watch TV in bed.

Low Loft Bed

The simplistic design of our Low Loft Bed is not only stylish, but it comes with some additional handy features. We manufacture black batons along the side rails of the bed to make it appear as though it’s off the floor.

This bed frame is one of the easiest of our wood beds to put together and can be assembled in under half an hour.

Low Four Poster Bed

Just because a bedroom has less space doesn’t mean that you need to skimp on elegance. Our Low Four Poster Bed lets you indulge in a wood bed frame with plenty of class without losing any additional space. It’s the perfect way to add some modern grandeur to your bedroom.

Not Quite the Bed for You?

We have a vast selection of other wood beds here at Get Laid Beds, each one being handcrafted and bespoke for each customer order.

If you like the idea but have concerns about just how low our range of low bedframes are, we do also offer a range of standard height platform beds. These beds feature the same characteristics as our low platform beds, but sit at a standard height above the floor. This allows for the additional benefit of underbed storage boxes.

Each bed frame comes with an 11-year guarantee and is available in 17 different solid woods and finishes, so whichever height of wood bed frame appeals to you, we’re sure to have something here at Get Laid Beds.

To get started designing your own bespoke wood bedframe, simply get in touch with one of our experts today.

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