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Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)

Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)
White (Satin) Finish
Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)
Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)
Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)

Shoreditch Bed (Space Saving)


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The Handmade Shoreditch Bed
Our Shoreditch Bed frame is the newest bed in both our range of floating wood beds and range of space saving bed frames. They are designed to bring an air of mystery to your bedroom. Our wood Shoreditch Bed has an inset frame, this creates an entrancing floating effect. It’s a modern design that takes inspiration from the Japanese traditional sleeping style of near floor-sleeping, designed to improve your quality of sleep and level of comfort. All of our luxury handmade bed frames are of a high standard and our experienced carpenters and joiners take pride in creating each and every single wood bed frame. 
Why Is The Shoreditch Bed Perfect For You?
The wood Shoreditch Bed frame headboard provides additional comfort and support. The low height of this handmade bed frame allows it to squeeze right up against your wall. The Shoreditch Bed will allow you to optimise the use of your available floor space. The magical design of the Shoreditch Bed, you are now much less likely to be caught catch your toes on the legs of the bed. An inset frame means that the legs are considerably more central underneath the wood bed frame. It’s the combination of innovative design features that make the Shoreditch handmade wood bed frame so great. When designing this wood bed, we’ve not only reduced tripping hazards, but also improved available floor space, making it the perfect choice for those that have an attic or loft bedroom.
Custom Options For Your Handmade Bed
As with all of our wood bed frames, our Shoreditch Bed is available in our vast array of sizes and solid timber finishes. We offer possible 10 Solid Scandinavian Pine satin stain finishes. For those that want a more aesthetically pleasing finish, our choice of 8 Solid Hardwood finishes. Some of our most popular hardwood finishes include: Oak and Walnut, as they bring a more natural look to your wood bed frame. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, this is why your Low Shoreditch Bed frame comes with an 11-year structural guarantee as standard.
Similar Wood Bed Frame Designs 
The Shoreditch Platform Bed is an innovative and truly unique bed design. However, if you are looking for the same unique design but without a headboard, then see the Shoreditch Platform Bed. The handmade Shoreditch Platform Bed has the same distinct design but with the removal of the headboard, offering more of a space saving design. If you like the low bed frame design of the Shoreditch Platform Bed, then see other low bed frames in our range, including the iconic Low Loft Bed. The unique design of the wood Low Loft Bed allows it to maximise the space within your bedroom, to overcome any space limitations and low ceiling heights.
Please note: Bedding is not included with the wood bed frame. It can be purchased separately.

Floating Wooden Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions


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