The Appeal Behind Modern Low Bed Frames

Our wooden Low Bed frames are stylish, modern and bespoke. People are gradually starting to veer more towards the appeal of modern low beds as opposed to traditional standard height beds. But what is the main appeal behind modern low bed frames?

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Reasons To Buy A Modern Daybed

Daybeds are an inviting choice for those who are looking for a combination between a couch and bed. With a daybed, you are essentially getting two pieces of furniture in one as you can use it as a perfectly ordinary sofa during the daytime. Yet at nighttime, it acts as a comfortable wood bed frame. Continue reading

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Ideal Beds For Small Bedrooms

The size of your bedroom will have a huge influence on the type of bed frame that you choose. Our Low Wood Bed Frames tend to be ideal for bedrooms that are short on space, particularly if your room has a restrictive ceiling height. Alternatively, if your room is small in size, yet the height of your ceiling isn’t the issue, we would recommend going with one of our Space Saving Beds. Continue reading

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What Is Near-Floor Sleeping?

As the name suggests, near-floor sleeping is the process of sleeping close to floor. This tends to be achieved by sleeping on a low bed frame. Near-floor sleeping is a Japanese tradition, this helped to inspire the stylish design of our Low Oriental Bed. Continue reading

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Our Beds Made In Britain

All our wood beds are made here, by hand, in Britain. We seek to deliver the highest quality beds every time, with our workshop team ensuring this goal is met in every instance. With many different styles to choose from, there’s the dream bed frame for everyone. So why exactly should you choose one of our beds made in Britain? Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Wood Beds

When it comes to deciding which bed frame to choose, many people find it hard to choose between a wood bed or a metal bed frame. There are a number of reasons why wood beds are the ideal choice for modern bedrooms compared with metal beds. Continue reading

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Additional Extras To Your Wood Bed

Buying a brand new wood bed for your bedroom can often seem like a chore. After looking around at many different companies, you can often be left struggling to find exactly what you need. Our aim is to make this whole process easier by offering customization options as well as additional extras you can add to your wood bed frame. With all our bed frames being made here in Britain using traditional techniques, customizing your bed to requirements is made easy. Continue reading

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Types Of Dreams

Dreams affect every person on the planet, we have over 100,000 dreams throughout our lifetime! Dreams are series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. Dreams give you more of an insight into your mind as dreams are your brain’s way of telling you something.

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Get Laid Beds Bedding Range

The Get Laid Beds bedding range is an extensive and high quality collection of fine, handmade products perfectly suited to compliment and complete your bed. Despite the Get Laid Beds focus on wooden beds, we also offer a wide range of high quality handmade mattresses, amongst other items of bedding.  It’s important to us that we provide the broadest, best quality service possible to our customers.

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Top Tips For Waking Up In The Morning

Waking up. Something so many of us hate. It seems, no matter how hard you try to get up, you cannot seem to stop hitting that ‘snooze’ button, with the aim to gain an extra 5 minutes (which always seems to turn into another ‘Just 5 More’). But did you know, there are some tips which can help making getting up easier? Following these steps can help you begin to find waking up a breeze.

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