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Grey Bedroom Ideas To Get You Inspired

By Jonathan Barradell 26 July 2023

If you think grey has had its day, think again. Its reputation as a ‘neutral’ color has been transcended in recent times, with classic grey décor emerging as a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike. Its unique charm can bring sophistication, versatility, and serenity to any bedroom space.

With stylish grey wood bed frames as the centerpiece, there’re limitless grey bedroom ideas that could take your boudoir to the next level. Here, we’ll give you a run through of everything you need to consider, as well as offering some décor inspiration and grey bedroom furniture ideas.

Types Of Grey Beds

When it comes to designing a grey bedroom, choosing the right shade is paramount. Grey has the ability to evoke different moods and atmospheres depending on the shade in question.

For example, if you’re creating a guest room or child’s bedroom, you may want a single grey wood bed in a lighter tone rather than something more brooding.

Below is a look at some of the more popular shades of grey that you’ll be likely to consider.

Warm Grey Beds

A warm grey bed is a cheat code when it comes to creating a cosy vibe. These shades of grey have subtle undertones which add depth and richness to the space.

A key advantage of warm grey beds lies in their ability to create a sense of intimacy in larger rooms. If you have a spacious bedroom, opting for a king size option in a warm tone can make the room appear far more inviting.

Grey Wash Beds

Grey wash beds, on the other hand, offer a lighter and airier feel to your bedroom. Featuring cooler undertones, this finish has an ethereal and serene quality. Ideal for modern and minimalist bedrooms, a washed grey storage bed can create an illusion of space and lend a clean, crisp feel.

Grey Bedroom Décor Ideas

The versatility of grey means that it complements various design aesthetics. This makes it a suitable base to build out décor that perfectly suits your style.

Below are a few different décor styles that work well with grey bedrooms, as well as some tips on how to create a cohesive look with different décor elements.

Modern And Minimalist

Embracing the principles of modern and minimalist design is a sure-fire way to achieve a sleek and contemporary grey bedroom. Opt for clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a neutral colour palette in your design.

To help keep the bedroom clear in line with the minimalist design, a grey space saving bed is a top option. This ensures your floor space is kept free from clutter, maintaining the clean aesthetic of minimalism.


Scandi bedrooms are one of the biggest décor trends of the moment and work incredibly well with grey beds. Scandinavian-inspired design is all about peace and serenity, which goes hand-in-hand with grey bed frames. Natural textures alongside light grey walls will create the desired atmosphere.


For something with a little more edge, an industrial décor style with a grey wooden bed offers a striking contrast with rustic undertones. Utilize raw materials like exposed brick and metal accents to achieve an industrial aesthetic. Vintage elements such as distressed furniture can complete the look perfectly.

Classic And Elegant

Create a timeless and sophisticated grey bedroom with a classic décor style. If you’re designing a master bedroom, a larger bed in a softer shade exudes luxury. Match it up with a cohesive color palette for the walls and surroundings, as well as luxurious materials such as velvet or satin for the bedding and curtains.

Dark Grey Bedroom Ideas

Dark grey has some specific considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your bed frame needs to be in a darker tone. In fact, a light grey bed coupled with a darker design can offer an appealing contrast.

Here’re a few dark grey bed bedroom ideas to get your creative motors running.

Bold Dark Grey Bedroom Walls

For a modern look, strip back your design with dark grey walls. This can form a striking, contemporary backdrop to be built upon with more neutral bedding or even matched for a dramatic look. Keep the accessories to a minimum to cement the sleek visual effect.

Co-Ordinate With Neutrals

Dark grey on its own can create a truly appealing look, but neutral colors can bring it to life. Neutral is often mistakenly thought of as boring, but this isn’t the case when used correctly. Keep the walls and bed frame in a bold dark grey and combine with soft furnishings in natural hues to accentuate the effect.

Two-Tone Design For Contrast

Choosing a color scheme doesn’t necessarily mean a single color that runs through the bedroom. Dark grey is ripe for two-tone designs, whether you opt to combine it with a lighter color or something a little more subtle like a dark green. This strikes a level of contrast between the tones for a truly unique style.

Grey Bedroom Furniture Ideas

To create a cohesive and visually appealing grey bedroom, you’ll need the right furniture to complement the bed frame. The style of furniture you choose can greatly impact the overall ambiance, functionality, and appeal of the bedroom.

Here’re some tips for choosing the best furniture for grey bedrooms.

Consider Bedroom Size

Before you start browsing, measure your bedroom to determine the available space. Choose furniture pieces that fit proportionally rather than shoehorning ill-fitting pieces. Opt for smaller-scale furniture for compact bedrooms to avoid overwhelming the space, and pair with something with underbed storage to save on space.

It’s also a good idea to measure doorways and to check whether furniture is delivered built or requires assembly.

Mix And Match Materials

Don’t be afraid to mix different materials and finishes to add texture to your grey bedroom. For example, pair a sleek metal nightstand with a grey double wood bed frame or add velvet-upholstered chairs. This mix of materials can add make your space more dynamic.

Go Contemporary

Contemporary furniture is a popular choice for grey bedrooms. Pieces with simple silhouettes and smooth surfaces work well alongside bed frames in tones that fit in with the grey color scheme. Grey and white always pair perfectly in contemporary spaces.

Choose dressers and tables with smooth, glossy finishes as well as sleek accompaniments and accessories.

Rustic And Reclaimed Look

For a more charming grey bedroom, rustic and reclaimed furniture styles fit the bill. Look for pieces made from reclaimed wood or with distressed finishes to complement the natural beauty of your grey wooden bed.

Incorporate natural textures and materials, such as rugs or woven baskets, to enhance this rustic feel alongside soft grey tones for the walls and bedding.

Grey Wooden Beds From Get Laid Beds

Whichever route you go when decorating your grey bedroom, a quality bed will be at the heart of your considerations. There’s no better cornerstone than a wooden bed frame from Get Laid Beds.

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