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What is an Ottoman Bed? Everything You Need to Know

By Jonathan Barradell 9 May 2023

Ottoman beds have become increasingly popular due to their multipurpose functionality and space-saving opportunities. The have a range of benefits that make them a great option for any bedroom and any size of bed.

So, what is an ottoman bed, what is it that makes them so appealing, and what is their functionality like in practice? In this guide, we’ll answer it all.

What is an Ottoman Used For?

Ottomans are a form of storage that features a lift-up ‘lid’ that stays attached on one side. Ottomans are often multi-purpose, perhaps most commonly being used as extra seating when needed.

However, ottomans can also be integrated to bed frames, and this has become quite a popular style. They make the most of the space under the bed by acting as one large, hidden ottoman.

Benefits of Ottoman Beds

Extra Storage

Ottoman beds are ideal for making the most of the space your bed takes up as they’re an easy way to incorporate extra storage into your room.

They’re particularly good for storing things that you won’t need access to as regularly as other items. For example, you could store your winter coats in there during the summer, or extra bedding that you’ll need when guests come round to visit.

Easy Lift Mechanism

Ottomans use a hydraulic lift system to be pulled up, making it easy to access the storage underneath.

Ottoman beds are designed with the purpose of being able to easily access their contents. They feature a simple lift system, meaning that they are often easier to access than drawers, as you won’t need to kneel down to access the storage within.

It’s a common misconception that ottoman beds are heavy to lift, but this isn’t the case. However, they’re usually solid structures rather than beds that can be disassembled. This means that while the top alone is not heavy to lift, the bed frame as one whole piece may be difficult to move around.

Free Up Floor Space

Storing your belongings under your bed means that you’ll need less other types of storage in your bedroom, thereby freeing up some of your floor space.

You can be rid of additional clutter by putting it neatly away in an ottoman bed. These styles of bed frame also have the additional benefit of a hidden seam; when completely made up, you can’t even tell if a bed is an ottoman. This is ideal if you’re looking for a tidier way of adding storage to your bedroom, rather than simply putting spare shoes under an open bed frame.

Are Ottoman Beds Less Comfortable?

Some people believe that having a lift system in place makes an ottoman bed less comfortable. This isn’t the case; just like any other bed frame, ottoman beds are designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

Are Ottoman Beds Noisy?

Ottoman beds can sometimes be noisy, but no more so than any other style of bed frame. Some worry that the lift mechanism will squeak, or that the top of the bed being separate to the storage compartment underneath will cause noise if the top shifts at all.

The top of an ottoman bed should not shift, as it will have been designed to slot into place with the base of the bed. While these beds could become noisy if a screw or bolt becomes loose, they’re no more likely to squeak than any other bed. Even when lifting the bed to access the storage underneath, there should not be much noise, as hydraulic systems are relatively silent.

Are Ottoman Beds Strong?

All bed frames need to be strong, and this includes ottoman bed frames, particularly as their style calls for the top to be able to stand along from its storage base.

At Get Laid Beds, the strength of our bed frames is one of our priorities. That’s why the wooden slats we use as a base are twice as thick as the industry standard.

Storage Beds at Get Laid Beds

If the perks of a storage bed outlined above appeal to you, start browsing our range of wood beds with storage available at Get Laid Beds.  Each style that we offer is available in any size from small single to super Caesar, and can be made bespoke for you in and of out 17 different hard and soft wood finishes.

Get in touch with one of our sleep experts to start designing the bed of your dreams today.

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