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Daybeds Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

By Jonathan Barradell 7 September 2023

Contrary to what the name might suggest, daybeds aren't simply a label for a regular bed that you linger in all day long – as appealing as that may sound! In reality, a daybed is far more than a spot for weekend relaxation, representing a stylish option for a number of different purposes.

With the remarkable ability to serve as both a sofa and a bed, daybeds have gained immense popularity among those aiming to optimise both their living and sleeping areas.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy reading nook, an extra sleeping spot for guests, or a statement piece that transforms your living room, this daybed buying guide will give you all the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase. Find out what is a daybed, the different types, why you would choose on and much more, here.

What Is a Daybed?

A daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that serves as both a sofa-like seating area and a sleeping space. It typically features a mattress, which can be designed for sitting during the day and sleeping at night. In design, daybeds often resemble sofas with a backrest and sides, making them ideal for lounging, reading, or accommodating guests during the day.

In essence, a daybed offers the best of both worlds, combining the comfort of a bed with the versatility of a sofa. This makes it a practical and stylish choice for various living situations and equally at home in guest rooms, living rooms, or even in smaller bedrooms.

How Big Are Daybeds?

There’s no standard size when it comes to day beds. Much like regular beds, these multi-functional options come in sizes to suit a variety of rooms. At Get Laid Beds, our wooden day bed sizes range from small single all the way up to king size. For larger or smaller bedrooms with day beds, we also offer a bespoke bed service, allowing you to create your dream frames in the exact dimensions you need.

When choosing the size of a day bed, consider the available space in the room where it will be placed and how you plan to use it, whether for lounging, sleeping, or both.

What Are the Advantages of Day Beds?

There are many benefits of day beds that make them a top choice. Here’s just a handful of reasons to buy one for your home.

Great for Small Spaces

Day Beds eliminate the need for additional space for both a sofa and a bed. This sets them apart from futons and sleeper sofas, which necessitate unfolding and arranging. The act of pulling out these alternatives can engulf the room, offering an uncomfortably uneven surface for sleep.

This discomfort arises from the inherent need for the mattress to flex when not in use, compromising its comfort. This difference makes day beds a practical choice for compact spaces, ensuring comfort and versatility without the spatial constraints posed by alternatives.


Due to the multi-functionality of day beds, investing in one can be cost-effective compared to purchasing separate pieces of furniture like a sofa and a bed. You're essentially getting two pieces of furniture in one, saving some outlay in the process.

Versatility and Stylistic Benefits

Our day beds come in various wood finishes, designs, and colours, allowing you to choose one that complements your decor. They can serve as a stylish focal point in a room while providing practical seating and sleeping options. What’s more, they’re adaptable to various spaces, fitting seamlessly into different areas of the home.

Accommodate Your Guests

Day beds are a convenient solution for accommodating guests. They provide a comfortable place to sleep and sit, and can transform a living room or office into a temporary guest room when needed. No more awkwardly offering up an uncomfortable couch when friends and family stay the night.

Can A Day Bed Be Used as A Regular Bed?

Day beds can serve as your everyday sleeping solution just like a standard bed. If you intend to use your day bed frequently, it's crucial to prioritise a high-quality mattress. This consideration becomes particularly important when dealing with limited bedroom space, as day beds will get more use than standard beds due to their advantageous functionality as both a comfortable bed and a space-saving seating area.

Are Day Beds Suitable for Children?

Yes, day beds present an excellent choice for children's bedrooms, especially when dealing with compact rooms that lack ample floor space. The multifunctional nature of day beds provides an inviting spot for kids to unwind without the need for an additional sofa, preserving valuable room space. As the day bed seamlessly transitions into a sleep haven, choosing a smaller size can also offer sufficient room for younger children to peacefully drift off to dreamland.

Day Beds vs Sofa Beds

For instances where sleeping will be the primary function, a day bed is the optimal choice compared to a sofa bed. Day beds employ real mattresses, rendering them more akin to traditional beds in terms of feel. Conversely, if your focus revolves around seating, a sleeper sofa is probably better suited.

In terms of sleep comfort, day beds outshine sofa beds, although the latter shines in terms of space-saving convenience. It's pivotal, however, to measure the extension of the sleeper sofa when its bed is pulled out.

On the flip side, transforming daybeds into sleeping havens is a breeze. Without the intricacies of a pull-out mechanism, a standard daybed merely requires a few adjustments to pillows and blankets, swiftly turning it into a welcoming bed. In general, when weighing up the pros and cons of each, day beds tick more boxes.

Types of Day Bed

Our wooden day bed range consists of two style options, both brimming with quality. The Modern Daybed is a quintessential design, coming in a huge range of sizes, finishes and colors to suit all rooms. The Modern Ohio Day Bed mirrors everything that’s great about the standard model, and packages it up into a corner sofa design. This chic design has an L shapes finish which allows it to seamlessly blend into the flow of your room.

While these two options don’t come with storage or trundles as standard, we can accommodate these requests through our bespoke daybed service. Simply input your instructions and, provided that they’re manageable, we’ll get to work.

How Much Do Day Beds Cost

Our range of wooden day beds start as low as $524 for a standard small single option and rising to $735 for a king size bed. This is before you add any extras, such as floating shelves or curved legs. Whatever additional requirements you have, we’re happy to accommodate and discuss extra costs.

Choosing Wooden Day Beds From Get Laid Beds

And there we have it, everything you need to know about day beds. At Get Laid Beds, we’re proud to offer 100% handcrafted day beds that are built to last the long haul. We painstakingly create each one at our own headquarters, providing you with a lovingly made bed frame that will take pride of place for years to come.

Shop our selection of wooden day beds today. For any other queries, contact us to speak to our expert team.

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