Choosing the Finish of Your Wood Bed Frame

By Jonny Haskins 9 May 2023

When we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it’s important that they look the way we want them to. While we can paint the walls and furnish however we like to achieve a desired result, the base of a bedroom’s aesthetic comes down to its bare bones, and by that, we mean the furniture itself.

Your bed frame, wardrobe, desk, and other base furnishings are the foundation of your bedroom’s style, so it’s important to have them in the color and finish that works best for your vision.

At Get Laid Beds, we have 17 different hardwood and softwood finishes for you to choose from, so you know your bed will look great in your bedroom. Not only that, but all 17 finishes are available in every one of our bedframe styles and sizes, as bespoke customization is something we believe in.

So, what’s the difference between each of our wooden bedframe finishes? What’s the best wood for a bed frame? Here, we’ll consider the pros and cons of all 17 of our bedframe finishes.

Hardwood Options

Traditionally, hardwood beds are considered higher quality, and therefore a more premium option. They also tend to be heavier, which is something you’ll need to consider if you’re going to be carrying and assembling your new bedframe yourself.

We have seven different solid hardwood options for you to choose from, all ranging in color. Let’s delve into what those are…


Our solid ash bed frames are light and pale with a slight yellow undertone, making them a neutral base to your bedroom that will age very well.

We believe our more basic bed styles look best made from solid ash, as the color and style tie together to create a great foundation that you can restyle however you choose, as frequently as possible.


A maple bed frame is well suited to a modern bedroom thanks to its smooth grain surface and light coloring. These are similar to our ash beds, but with a more neutral undertone.

This makes them perfect for lightening a darker color scheme used in your room, or creating a neutral base for bedrooms that tend to change frequently. That’s why we think maple beds are great for bedrooms of children and teens, as well as anyone who prefers a classic light wooden look.


Our beech bed frames have a beautifully unique look to them thanks to their tightly speckled grain. They have a gentle pink cast, and are one of the mid-tones we offer at Get Laid Beds in our hardwood range.

A solid beech bed is sure to give any bedroom that summer feeling thanks to its bright finish. They’re ideal for any bedroom looking to bring a pop of color with its base furniture before styling it out.


One of our most classic options, a solid oak bedframe is timeless for a reason. Argued by many to be the best wood for beds, oak is a neutral mid-tone that really does go with anything.

It’s equally easy to use an oak bed to create a modern home or a classic, cozy cottage retreat. Whether you prefer a minimalist or maximalist style, you can achieve any style with an oak bedframe at the heart of it; that’s what we love about them. Luckily, solid oak is an available material in each one of our bed styles, just like our other finishes.


Walnut bed frames (pictured) make for elegant bedrooms. This rich, dark wood is great for styling with light furnishings for a feeling of luxury and is equally easy to pair with your choice of color palette for a personal touch.

These beds have an air of sophistication to them, making them ideal for main bedrooms or making friends and family feel spoiled in your guest room.


To add a subtle warmth to your bedroom, why not opt for a cherry wood bed frame? This gentle hint of red is sure to take pride of place in your bedroom and stand out against your other furniture.

Whatever theme you’re looking to fulfil, a cherry bed frame will add a level of extravagance to your bedroom. Make a feature of it with one of our four-poster styles, or choose a storage bed to make the most of it as a multipurpose piece of furniture. This cherry red finish is available for them all.


Our solid sapele bedframes are the epitome of indulgence. The deep red color makes these beds perfect for a bedroom focused on extravagance, and making the person who sleeps there feel like royalty.

Available in all styles and sizes, more is more with a sapele bed frame. Create a bedroom you can’t wait to fall asleep in with this romantic solid wood.


There are so many different types of wooden beds. Not only do we offer the above seven hardwood options, but we have an additional 10 softwood finishes to choose from, too.

All our softwood bed frames are made from 100% sustainably sourced Scandinavian pine. From black and white to more natural looking wood finishes, we’re sure to have a color wash that suits your bedroom style.

Warm White

White wood bed frames are perfect for those who with an ever-changing sense of style. Bright and clean, a white bed frame makes a great base to any color scheme; particularly one that needs to match the bright posters of a child or teenage bedroom.

White beds, however, are also a classic for adult bedrooms. They’re easy to pair with a pop of color, and make a room feel bigger with their brightness. That’s why we recommend lighter finishes like warm white for smaller bedrooms and bed sizes.

Warm Grey

Our warm grey finish is like a more sophisticated version of its sister color, warm white. These bed frames are a great way to give your bedroom a touch of class while still feeling bright.

This matte finish is particularly popular in our smaller sizes, as they’re a great way to brighten up a room and make it feel bigger.

Grey Wash

Unlike our warm grey finish, our grey wash bed frames allow you to still see the texture of the wood beneath the color stain.

This color is one of our classics here at Get Laid Beds as it has several different benefits all merged together. It’s bright without being plain white, has the texture of natural wood without the weight of being solid hardwood, and overall looks incredibly modern and sleek.

Black Wash

Our black wash is another of our classic finishes. Dark and modern, a black bed frame makes a bedroom look very sleek, particularly when paired with other furniture that matches.

We recommend opting for a black wash finish in larger bedrooms, as lots of dark color can sometimes make a room feel smaller. However, don’t be dissuaded, as there’s a reason black is always in fashion. Easy to style, our black bed frames are also finished off with water-based stain, making them as environmentally friendly as possible.


The naturally exposed grain of an untreated bed frame can add a touch of refinement to your bedroom. This finish is ideal for bedrooms with a minimalist design, as the bare wood leaves it looking simple, natural, and beautiful.

This finish is also great for those designing their room piece by piece. Moving into a new home can be daunting, so starting with an untreated bed frame gives you a great natural palette to work from as you realize your own artistic eye.


Thanks to their neutrality, our natural bed frames make a fantastic base for any interior design scheme. From small single to super Caesar, natural bed frames are available in all styles and sizes, so you can have a bespoke bed designed just for you.

This style of bed is also ideal for multipurpose rooms, which is why we think they’re a great option for daybeds and guest beds. Their subtlety makes them perfectly suited to rooms where perhaps you don’t want the focus to be on the bare bones of the furniture.


Our cinnamon bed frames are a great way to make your bedroom feel bright and welcoming, without taking the focus away from the rest of your room’s style.

We believe that a cinnamon bed frame is particularly good for tying together a room with a natural aesthetic. They’re vibrant without losing the natural grain of the wood and are easy to connect to any color scheme thanks to still being a relatively light tone.

Honey Satin

Slightly darker than our cinnamon finish, a honey satin bed frame (pictured) is elegant and smooth. This finish is ideal for bedrooms that have another decorative focus, and you want your bedframe to sink into the background of your furnishings.

Honey satin beds are great for that while still looking warm and inviting. They’re a great natural, stylish bed frame to use as a base for your personal style.

Red Forest

Our red wood bed frames are a dark, rich red that makes any bedroom and style of bed frame feel grand. Whether you want to add a touch of class to your single bed or make your four poster even more extravagant, our red forest finish is a great way to do just that.

The deep color of these bed frames makes them ideal for main bedrooms and larger size beds, but they can be used to add some elegance to any frame you choose.

Coffee Bean

Whichever size and style you choose, a dark coffee bean brown bed frame is sure to make a statement. They complement naturally inspired décor particularly well, giving a chic finish to your bedroom.

This darker wood adds a degree of luxury to a room while still having the look and feel of a natural bed frame, making them a popular choice for many of our customers.

Design Your Perfect Bedframe

At Get Laid Beds, all our styles of bed are available in every size, and in all 17 of our different soft and hardwood finished.

Which wood is best for beds? Each one has its own benefits, so it ultimately comes down to the color you think best suits your style of interior design. Whatever your preference, Get Laid Beds is sure to have a bed frame that fits your criteria. Start browsing our huge range of wood beds today, or get in touch to design your own.

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