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Choosing the Right Finish for Your Wooden Bed Frame

By Helena Young 2 December 2022

There’s nothing we like more than hearing from delighted customers who have received the wooden bed of their dreams. It’s something we want all our customers to experience. But when it comes to choosing which wooden bed frame is perfect for you, there’s a lot to consider; with over 60 wooden bed designs and 17 different finishes, you’re spoilt for choice!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you decide which materials and finishes are going to be perfect for your brand new wooden bed frame.

Hardwood vs Softwood

The Low Oriental Bed (Scandinavian Pine, Black Satin Stain)

The first big decision is between hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods are traditionally considered to be of higher quality and therefore the premium option. All of our bed frames can be made in any of our hardwoods, including Cherry, Sapele, Oak and Maple. Each wood has its own unique character and subtle tones, so take a look at our range to choose your favorite.

If it's a more modern look that you’re after, then softwoods are likely the best solution. And whilst hardwoods are undoubtedly strong, our durable, hand selected pine will give any hardwood a run for its money! Our softwood of choice is high grade Scandinavian Pine. This durable option can be enjoyed in a multitude of different finishes; our Warm White and Black Satin finishes are the most fashionable at the moment, but our other finishes are perfect if you’re seeking a more traditional look or hoping to match the look of existing furniture.

It’s also worth considering the rest of the furniture in your room. When it comes to the choice between hardwood and softwood, the main factor is aesthetic preference. So have fun with it and feel free to experiment!

Modern or Traditional?

The Moroccan Four Poster Canopy Bed (Warm White)

When it comes to designing your dream bedroom, the first question is whether to go for a modern or traditional aesthetic. For a clean, modern look, our Scandinavian Pine in Warm White, Grey Wash or Black are perfect options. A modern theme could also be achieved with some of our premium hardwoods like Walnut, Oak and Ash.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more traditional look by featuring warmer tones, bringing a cosy feel to the room. This atmosphere can be achieved with a wooden bed frame made from softwoods such as Cinnamon or Coffee Bean Stained Pine. Hardwoods like Beech, Cherry and Sapele also work a treat.

If you’re looking to mix things up, combining traditional and modern design elements in a single piece is a great way to get the best of both worlds. For example, a Black Stain or Warm White finished Four Poster Canopy Bed cleverly mixes both modern and traditional designs.

If you’re unsure which bed frame would suit your room, all our beds can be seen in AR (augmented reality) on a smartphone; just select your preferred finish on our website and you'll be able to see how it will look in your home.

Room Lighting and Decoration

The White Knight Bed (Scandinavian Pine, Grey Wash Satin Stain)

This might seem odd, but it is worth considering the lighting and decoration in your room to help you choose the right finish for your wooden bed frame.

If your room gets a lot of natural light during the day, then some of the darker finishes and hardwoods could be more suitable for you. Our hardwood Solid Walnut beds for example look great in a well lit room, and the dark wood contrasts nicely with light walls and flooring. However, in a darker room, a lighter wood or finish such as Solid Ash, Honey Stain or Warm White will open up the space and offer an airy feel.

The decorations you have in your room are an important factor as well. Fresh plants and green tones will look great alongside both Solid Oak and Warm White finished beds. In comparison, if your room has a lot of red tones you might be better opting for a Black Satin finish or Walnut hardwood bed frame.

Bed Linen

The Low Oriental Bed (Warm White)

If you’re a fan of minimalist white bed sheets, then some bed finishes might be more suitable than others. For example, a Warm White wooden bed frame with white bedding can leave your bed looking very, well, white! Of course, this can also be a very sleek look, and a cheerful throw at the end of the bed is a great way to add that splash of colour (just like we have done on our Low Oriental Bed, above).

If you’re a fan of solid colour bed sheets, then getting the balance of light and dark right is key. For example, combining light bed sheets with a Black Satin wooden bed can bring interesting contrast into the room, and make each individual element pop.

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