How To Maintain Handcrafted Wooden Bed Frames and Keep Them Looking Their Best

By Helena Young 16 January 2023


Our handcrafted beds are investment pieces; quality solid wood beds with an 11 year guarantee, the ideal centrepiece for your bedroom. Wood maintenance is important to keeping it looking fresh, but how do you best take care of your bed frame?

Here we are going to share how to clean wooden furniture, and all the tips and tricks behind simple wood maintenance.

Wood Maintenance

Not only is wood strong and durable, it is a gorgeous natural resource. To keep it looking its best, there are a few easy things you can do.

Firstly, it is handy to remember that wood is naturally porous, meaning it may absorb liquids. We treat each of our handmade bed frames to protect against water damage, however it is still a good idea to wipe up any major spillages quickly to avoid permanent stains.

It's also good to avoid scuffs and scrapes. Our wooden beds are designed to be used, we’re not expecting you to just sit and look at them! But by avoiding major dents, you can negate the need for wood maintenance altogether.

How To Clean Wooden Furniture

The most effective way of keeping your furniture looking beautiful is to clean it regularly. It can be easy to forget about your wooden bed frame when it comes to cleaning, but regular wood maintenance will pay you dividends.

To maintain paint and finishes, we recommend simply using a cloth and a little water to remove dust and stains. Our bed frames are all handmade, and our master craftsmen specifically select each cut of wood to highlight its unique character. By keeping your bed frame free from dust, you will be allowing the grain and beautiful tones of your bed frame to shine through.

Perfect, Straight Out Of The Box

The Low Tokyo Bed

Where a lot of solid wood furniture requires frequent varnishing and painting, our wooden bed frames are shipped pre-treated and varnished. No need for you to get your paint brush out, put the tarpaulin back in the shed; all you need to do is simply slot the pieces together and away you go.

And what’s more, our wood varnishes are so long lasting that you won’t need to top them up. With finishes this good, you can rest easy knowing that your bed frame will stay looking fresh for years to come.

So, What Next?

The Floating Shelf

Now you know the principals of wood maintenance, why not peruse our range of accessories? Our bedside tables are a fabulous addition to any of our handcrafted frames, just pick your preferred finish.

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