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Low Modern Bedside Table

Low Modern Bedside Table

Low Modern Bedside Table


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The Platform Wooden Side Table is the ideal handcrafted accessory for your Low Loft Bed or Low Modern Bed frame. This side table can be placed anywhere around your bed frame and provides a sturdy platform with many uses. The Low Modern Bedside Table doesn't attach to your bed so no additional modifications are required.  
Durability and Flexibility 
The Low Modern Bedside Table has been designed with convenience and strength in mind. The design of the Low Modern Bedside Table ensures that the structure is solid and able to be used for whatever you wish. The universal design means you're able to place this table wherever you wish.
Unique Design
The stylish design of the Platform Bedside Table is very supportive and is perfect for placing your phone, alarm clock or a book. The unique design of this bedside table gives a subtle, yet effective floating effect.
Match To Your Bed Frame
You can select your Low Modern Beside Table to be handcrafted in any finish you wish. You can match your existing bed frame or select something different.
This bedside table product is sent flat packed/ This ensures protection from damage during transit, as well as making it very easy to assemble upon arrival.


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