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Floating Bed (Space Saving)

Floating Bed (Space Saving)
Coffee Bean (Satin Stain) Finish
Floating Bed (Space Saving)
Floating Bed (Space Saving)
Floating Bed (Space Saving)

Floating Bed (Space Saving)


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The Handcrafted Floating Bed Frame
The handmade wood Floating Bed Frame is just one of several bed frames that feature an inset design. A modern, unique commodity to add to your bedroom, the Floating Bed is an original design, renowned for its contemporary look and style. This unique bed has a fresh, modern appearance that appeals to any bedroom. A combination of creativity and efficiently, the Floating Bed offers a design that is similar to our Space Saving range of wooden bed frames. The new design enables the mattress to sit over the edge of the bed frame and can be supported by its inset legs.
Features Of The Floating Bed Frame
The wood Floating Bed frame features an inset bed frame, which allows the mattress to effectively float above the side rails of the bed frame, creating a floating effect. This stunning design is not only attractive but more importantly, it takes up a minimal amount of space. With no legs at the foot of the bed, it is also practical and ensures that you won’t ever catch your feet whilst moving around the bedroom. In addition to the base and main framework being set back from the perimeter, the wood Floating Bed frame also features a sophisticated slanted headboard made from solid wood in keeping with the overall design and provides any other required support that you may need after a long day. It’s perfect for sitting against to read, and provides the perfect base to use cushions and pillows to help you get as comfortable as you want.
Customizing Your Wood Bed Frame
Our wood bed frames are all handmade to order here in the UK by our team of expert carpenters. We ensure that all of our handmade beds are built to stand the test of time, this is backed by our 11-year structural guarantee. If you have any other requirements or would like to make any changes to your wood bed frame, we would be happy to manufacture your wood bed frame to meet any requirements that you may have. All of our bed frames will arrive flat packed to your house, ready for self-assembly. 
Similar Designs To The Floating Bed
If you enjoy the style of our Floating Bed frame, you may also want to take a look at the Floating Platform Bed, Low Shoreditch Bed and Low Shoreditch Platform Bed. These beds make up our floating bed range. Many of them take inspiration from other popular models, such as our traditional London Bed frame. The wood Floating Bed frame shares the same modern style of a slanted headboard as our stunning handmade Chelsea Bed frame.
Please note: Bedding is not included with the wooden bed frame. They can be purchased separately.


Please be aware that our Floating style bed frames are designed in a way to ensure the end of the slats can not be seen like in the images above.  For this reason you will be sent a set of slats that are in similar width to the bed frame but one size smaller.  Please note the sizing chart shows the width sizes of the bed frame with the mattress in place.  The mattress is designed to exceed and overhang the slats width by around 3 inches to give the floating effect whilst maintaining stability. 


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