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Too Tall? What to Look for in an Extra Long Bed

By Rachel 20 October 2022

If you’re taller than average, you’re probably already familiar with the difficulties of finding a mattress that’s long enough for you to sleep on comfortably. At Get Laid Beds, we offer a made to measure service that allows you to tailor any one of our vast selection of wooden bedframes to make it the right size for you.

Who Is An Extra Long Bed Suitable For?

Extra long beds are ideal for anyone who’s taller than average. Not sure what’s average? Well, if you’re trying to decide whether an extra long bed is right for you, consider the fact that your bed should be 10-15cm longer than you are to give you enough space to sleep comfortably.

We appreciate that most bedrooms don’t have space for our larger standard sizes, and many people find that standard double and king size beds are ideal for their house’s main bedroom. However, they measure 6ft 3” and 6ft 6” in length respectively, so if you’re near 6ft tall yourself, and have the room, it could be worth looking at a custom extra-long bed.

The Benefits of an Extra Long Bed

Arguably, bed sizes like the Super King, Eastern King and above could be considered extra-long beds, but these are extra-large beds all-round, so the fact that they’re also very wide makes them impractical for lots of bedrooms.

At Get Laid Beds, we offer a variety of bed sizes from Small Single to Super Caesar, to try to cater to everyone’s needs. However, we appreciate that even then, we can’t have everybody’s perfect bed frame as standard. That’s why we also offer the option for an extra-long, bespoke bed.

The obvious benefit of an extra-long bed is the added space for sleeping. However, an extra-long bed not only provides enough space on the mattress, but if you’re opting for one of our platform or storage beds, there will be extra space for your belongings underneath. The increased functionality is an added bonus of the extra-long bed.

How to Order Your Extra Long Bed

If you’re wondering where to buy an extra-long bed, at Get Laid Beds, we offer a made to measure service that means we can create a bespoke bed frame just for you. In any size, and style, and any of our 17 different hardwoods and color finishes. We can hand make your dream bed!

Simply take the measurements you’d like us to make the bed to, and let us know what you need through our made to measure service. If anything needs clarification afterwards, we’ll get in touch with you. So, you can rest easy.

Buy an Extra Long Bed with Get Laid Beds

Whether you order a bespoke extra-long bed with Get Laid Beds or chose any one of our standard options, all of our handmade wooden bed frames come with an 11-year guarantee because we believe in the craftsmanship of our experts and the materials we use.

Simply browse the made to measure section of this website or get in touch with one of our experts today to start designing your bespoke wooden bed frame.

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