The Appeal Behind Modern Low Bed Frames

Our wooden Low Bed frames are stylish, modern and bespoke. People are gradually starting to veer more towards the appeal of modern low beds as opposed to traditional standard height beds. But what is the main appeal behind modern low bed frames?

Space Saving

First of all, low wooden bed frames are ideal for saving space. The minimalist design of our low beds makes them perfect for those that may have a restrictive ceiling height, this tends to prevent people from getting a standard height bed or a four poster bed. Whereas with a low bed, you can fit this type of bed in your bedroom with ease. No matter if you have an attic or loft bedroom, our modern low bed frames are ideal for you.

Japanese Near Floor Sleeping

Our handmade low bed frames take inspiration from the Japanese tradition of near-floor sleeping. This method of sleeping is useful for children as it limits the dangers of them falling out of their bed. Low bed frames are also useful for parents that may have a baby sleeping in their bed. No matter if you don’t have an attic bedroom, low wooden bed frames can also be used as a centrepiece in any bedroom, no matter the shape or size.

Perfect for the Loft

Some of our low wooden bed frames sit almost completely flat on the floor, such as our Low Modern Bed and Low Loft Bed. This makes them ideal for those that sleep in a loft bedroom or a room with a low ceiling. Our low beds reduce the hassle of both trying to fit a bed into a strangely shaped place as well as a place that has a restrictive ceiling height.

Overall, our modern Low Bed frames are highly appealing, they have the power to become the centrepiece in any bedroom. As well as being a practical solution for those that have an attic or loft space. We would definitely recommend choosing a modern low bed for your bedroom.

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