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Our 11-Year Guarantee: Why are we so confident?

By Helena Young 2 December 2022

We are so confident in our designs that every product is backed with our industry leading 11-year guarantee, providing you with over a decade of peaceful nights.

But why are we so confident in our beds? Firstly, our bed frames are made from 100% solid wood. Timber is an intrinsically strong and reliable material, and our master craftsmen select only the best pieces for our beds. With a trained eye, they work with the optimum cuts to harness the wood’s natural strength to make incredibly durable frames. We never use MDF or veneer, both very poor imitations of the timber we use. This means we are able to provide you with optimum structural integrity so that you can rest easy for the next decade.

The Shoreditch Bed

Our frames are also built to last. We spend around one third of our lives in bed, so we need a frame that will stand the test of time! We use the toughest method of joinery in carpentry, the tenon and mortise joint, in all our bed frames. Not only that, the foundation is also supported with solid slats that cover 60% of the base and are two times thicker than the industry average. As well as providing a solid base, our slats also protect the longevity of your mattress; the solid slats come into even contact with your mattress, meaning areas will not become over-worn. These elements make a difference.

Given these amazing features, just think of all the great night’s sleep you’ll get within our guarantee window. During 11 years, you’ll enjoy 4,018 night’s sleep (with a couple of leap years thrown in). On average, that means you’ll only be spending 12 pence per night! Given how long we spend in bed, we think that’s a pretty sound investment.

Good Sleep Is Beneficial To Your Health

And lastly, by buying from Get Laid Beds, you will benefit from our 11-year guarantee whilst also guaranteeing the future of the planet. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials available which we take great care to  responsibly source. We are also working with the International Tree Foundation (ITF) to plant many more trees that we consume. These trees will have numerous environmental benefits, from reducing atmospheric CO2 to helping to increase biodiversity, but will also support local communities. The ITF’s tree planting program in Africa helps to provide families with their own fruit trees including mangoes and jackfruit. Not only do these trees provide food, they also supply a source of income, therefore helping to guarantee the futures of these families.

To explore our full range, leaf through our online range to find the perfect bed frame for you.

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