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Metal Beds vs Wooden Beds: Which should you choose?

By Helena Young 5 December 2022

Whilst many view metal as the strongest and most resilient material for bed frames, more and more people are discovering the elegant durability of wooden bed frames. We are passionate about providing high quality, sustainable products that don’t cost the Earth. This is why we use wood instead of metal.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Every single one of our products is designed and made by hand in Britain by only the most skilled craftsmen. By comparison, most metal bed frames are manufactured mechanically at speed. This means there’s no personality, no human touch, no individuality.

Wooden beds are quite the opposite. Every tree is different, and therefore so is every bed. The unique character and grain of each tree is what makes it special. Some slow growing trees such as Oak were planted before living memory. This level of beauty cannot be manufactured in metal.

Environmental Impact

Whilst cutting down trees might seem counter intuitive, if done sustainably it is actually a very ecological practice.

We fully support ethical buying and all our Scandinavian Pine is sustainably sourced from FSC & PEFC forests. We also support The International Tree Foundation by donating vital funds to aid their 20 Million Tree Campaign, and to date we have planted over 80,000 trees.

By planting more trees than we consume, we are working towards becoming a carbon neutral company. These trees will have numerous environmental benefits, from reducing atmospheric CO2 to helping to increase biodiversity, but will also support local communities.

Many of our donated trees will be planted in Africa. Local communities often choose to plant fruit trees on their smallholdings or in their gardens, and mangoes are a prime example. Not only do these trees benefit the land, they also provide a source of nutrition for the entire household and a way to earn an income.

Wooden Beds Take The Lead

The Classic Four Poster Canopy Bed (Oak Hardwood)

As you can see, wooden beds are by far the superior option; wood is a renewable material, the bed frames are hand crafted, and the final product is incredibly long lasting.

Not only that, unlike metal bed frames, timber can be customised in numerous ways. For example, we offer 17 different finishes, any of which can be applied to our numerous bed frame styles. And with our customisation capabilities, you can design a bed specifically for your needs.

Take a look at our website to discover the full range and begin designing your new frame, here.

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