Kimbal Musk Launches "Plant A Seed Day" on March 20th

By Jennifer 11 February 2020


The younger brother of billionaire businessman Elon Musk may not be as well known, however, he's got equally big plans with his nonprofit organisation "Big Green".   A charity focused with the "belief that every child should have the opportunity to play, learn and grow in healthy communities".  Plant a seed day is launching in the spring on March 20th 2020.

15 million American households were food insecure in 2017, which is an astounding 40 million people.  Access to nutritious and affordable food is a big concern that receives little attention.  Bringing access and education to the values of healthy food is an inspiring endeavour and this new initiative is helping inspire families become actively involved and ditch the junk food.

Kimbal Musk writes that "Planting a seed is the first and powerful step to making a big change in food education... children realize the real magic of a garden is in planting a seed, watering it, caring for it, and watching it grow."

At Get Laid Beds we are huge fans of planting trees and plants of all kinds.  Reconnecting with nature is the start to a more balanced relationship with the environment and our planet.  The benefits that come from active planting can bring additional social benefits on top of the well known natural carbon capture aspect.

Kimbal is already following his brothers lead with viral marketing tactics to help promote this event further and so hopefully the success of this new charitable initiative will blossom with the same energy that's behind it.

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