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How Long Should a Wood Bed Last?

By Jonathan Barradell 16 November 2022

Bedframes are an important investment for any home. We often take beds for granted because we’re usually asleep when using them, but realistically, we spend so much time in bed that investing in quality should be a given.

When it comes to purchasing quality wooden beds, you want something that can last the long haul. Really, though, how long can you expect your bed frame to remain up to scratch? Here, we take a look at the lifespan of a wooden bed frame.

How Long Does a Bed Frame Last?

With the right maintenance, a high-quality wood bed frame could last upwards of 100 years, although this is the exception, and it does vary by each bed frame.

Generally, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to change your mattress or bed frame. This could be through visual factors, like chipping or rust, or maybe loose fittings. Alternatively, if your quality of sleep is being affected, it could be time to change your mattress of bed frame.

If you find yourself rolling into the middle of the bed unintentionally, hear your bedframe creaking, or even your new mattress looks and feels lumpy, it’s likely that it’s your bedframe that needs replacing rather than your mattress.

What Can Affect the Lifespan of your Bed?


The original quality of the bedframe will hugely affect its longevity. At Get Laid Beds, we use mortise and tenon joints while always constructing our bedframes with 100% solid wood, so they can remain as sturdy and long-lasting as possible.

In fact, the slats we use are twice as thick as the industry standard and cover 70% of the base, meaning each bed is incredibly strong. With their extra strength, it’ll take longer for the bed to lose its shape.


The way you use the bed, including how many people have used the bed at a time or separately, will affect how long your bed will last. If you sleep alone in a larger bed, changing sides every so often will help your bed last longer by distributing weight more evenly over time.

How you use the bed will also affect its lifespan. Factors such as reading on the bed or getting up later when working at home can have an impact on it due to added pressure. Much like the above, this will affect the weight distribution across the bed. As well as this, the extra use will make the bed wear faster.

The Right Maintenance

Maintaining your bed properly can elongate the lifespan of the frame. Wood bed frames are ideal in this case, because with a simple coat of varnish, the frame remains waterproof. If you have a metal frame, you’ll need to ensure it stays dry at all times to avoid any rusting.

The Mattress

Usually, a mattress will last for 6-8 years, depending on how well you take care of it. For example, rotating it regularly for even weight distribution and cleaning spills as they happen will help it stay in better shape for longer.

The longevity of your entire bed set up will be down to the combination of your bed frame and mattress. A good mattress will help a bedframe last longer, just as a good bed frame will help a mattress last longer.

How Do Beds from Get Laid Beds Compare?

At Get Laid Beds, we make bespoke, handcrafted wood bedframes that are designed with longevity in mind. We’re so confident in our work that each bed comes with an 11-year guarantee.

To get started creating your long-lasting, bespoke wooden bed frame, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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