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GLB’s Bedroom Color Guide: How to Create the Perfect Ambiance

By Jonathan 11 August 2022

Creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom can be difficult, and a lot of its final feeling comes down to the colors you use just as much as the style of the furniture itself.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your bedroom color scheme. For example, think about the size of your room first. Pastel colors and greys create a more open, relaxed space, whereas dark and deep color combinations will create a cozier, enclosed environment.

Here are five bedroom color ideas we particularly love, and the effect they’ll have on the ambiance of your room.

A Pop of Red

A neutral base, such as a light grey, or furniture with a wooden finish, can make your moments of color really pop. The use of red as an accent against grey can look dramatic and modern, and needs very little to achieve the full impact.

Red in particular can be quite an overwhelming color when used as a base, so really shines when used sparingly. With connotations of romance and maturity, red is a great addition to bedroom décor. A grey or walnut bed frame would work particularly well in a bedroom where you’re trying to create an ambiance of luxury, darkening the overall atmosphere of the bedroom.

A Hint of Natural Green

Bring the outdoors in with plenty of plant life to make your bedroom feel like the calming place it should; it’s one of the best color ideas with oak furniture, emphasizing the natural feeling of the room.

This calming color can bring balance to your bedroom, particularly when using a range of different shades against a neutral base. Green is an invigorating, comforting color, and recent research from Dulux has declared green the best color for bedrooms, finding that Brits with green bedrooms got the best night’s sleep.

Take a bed with a natural wooden finish and use underbed storage to minimize clutter and focus on the natural, open feeling of the bedroom.

A Touch of Luxurious Pink

Pale pink against a warm grey creates a modern, feminine bedroom, and the gold accents as pictured here add a touch of luxury. A four-poster bed would emphasize this, particularly in larger bedrooms.

A grey bed complements the pink perfectly, and soft accessories like an upholstered, padded headboard add more comfort to the room, creating a coziness that works well against the more muted colors.

A Scheme of Royal Blue and White

The color blue already has so many connotations with royalty, so why not combine the color with rococo-style furniture to create a truly luxurious ambiance?

Combining blue with white like this modernizes the room and brightens it up, as blue rooms can easily become quite dark spaces. We recommend a white wooden bedframe, if you’re looking to replicate this color scheme, which would look great complemented with accent blue cushions and throws.

A Combination of Dark Furniture And Light Walls

Reverse the common idea of light furniture and colored walls to create an upward movement of light. Having a dark brown, coffee-bean bed frame in a lightly painted taupe, cream or beige room draws the eye to the bed, making it the focus of the space.

Dark furniture also has a cozy effect; this bedroom feels classic and warm thanks to its color scheme.

Design Your Perfect Room with Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds, all of our bed frames are bespoke, and come in 17 different solid woods and finishes to suit whatever color scheme you decide is right for your bedroom.

Browse our wide selection of wooden beds and accessories here on this website and, once you’ve found your style and shade,  you can design your perfect bed using our made to measure tool. Get in touch with one of our team for more information.

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