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5 Bedroom Wall Paneling Ideas To Revolutionize Your Space

By Jack 2 August 2022

If you’re looking to inject some pizzaz into your bedroom, wall paneling can be a great place to start… without requiring too much D.I.Y.

It can add protection and personality to a room easily, whatever your personal style, and is really on trend right now.

Considering updating your home one day soon? Well, here are our top five wall paneling bedroom ideas.

Create Depth

You can create this look with wooden molding. Measure out the rectangles and stick lengths of molding on the drawn-out shapes. Make sure they slot correctly together, and then paint over them the same color as the wall.

For an extra bit of decoration, you could use these rectangles as frames for artwork or other wall hangings.

Divide the Space

Paneling is a great way to make a room feel larger, by dividing up the space. In this example, the bed has been separated off from the rest of the room, resulting in a separate sleeping and living area.

Using light wood with a bright white wall makes each space feel larger, despite being divided up into two smaller spaces. This is a great way of making the most out of a larger bedroom, guest room or studio space, creating a cozy space to rest your head while utilizing the rest of the room as its own space.

Make a Bright Statement

Wall paneling doesn’t have to be limited to wood. We love this example of brightening up the room with a panel behind the headboard, which is easy to achieve with some simple LED strips.

This is a great option for changing up bedrooms of all sizes, as it only takes up a small strip of wall space but brings so much character to a room. It could also make a great feature wall in bathrooms and kitchens, if you’re looking to change up your designs throughout the house.

Incorporate the Ceiling

Make a cozy den out of your bed by incorporating your paneling into the ceiling. This would be great in bedrooms that lack architectural features and runs the added benefit that your bed wouldn’t need a headboard with such an extravagant backdrop.

If you are planning on attaching anything to the ceiling, however, be sure so consult a professional about the safest way to do so. Also, be aware that, you could run the risk of making the bedroom feel closed off, so ideally, it’s a design more suited to larger spaces.

Split the Wall

Splitting a feature wall with paneling is an idea that works both horizontally and vertically. This statement would be perfect for making smaller rooms feel larger, by not dominating the space while still providing some personality.

Brighter colors would be ideal for opening up the room, but colors like this rich blue create a comfortable, enclosed feeling for anyone attempting this design in a larger space.

Design Your Perfect Bedroom

At Get Laid Beds, we offer a wide range of wooden beds that would go perfectly alongside any of these modern bedroom wall paneling ideas.

Simply get in touch with one of our team today to get started designing your bespoke wooden bed frame for your dream bedroom.

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