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100% Solid Wood: Every bed, every time

By Helena Young 2 December 2022

With a trained eye, our craftsmen work with only the best cuts of wood to preserve the natural character of the timber and provide exceptional quality for our customers. We never use MDF or veneer, both poor imitations of solid wood.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) sheets are far weaker than solid wood, and can split or crack when extreme pressure is applied. MDF is also far more porous than wood, meaning that any spills or humidity can damage the integrity of the material. Whilst it might be cheaper in the short-term, MDF furniture will not last and so will incur the hidden costs of replacement.

By comparison, we select only the best cuts of solid wood to ensure there are no fissures or weaknesses in our pieces, increasing the longevity of your bed. In addition, wood is naturally less susceptible to liquids. One of the benefits of using mortise and tenon joints (the strongest method within carpentry) is that metal brackets are rarely required and so the wood is simply able to expand and contract naturally with the changes in the atmosphere. As such, the joints remain as strong as ever, regardless of humidity.

Veneer is also significantly substandard when compared to solid wood. A veneer is a slim layer of wood that is generally glued onto cheap particle boards. At first glance, veneer furniture looks similar to solid wood. However, the inclusion of an adhesive makes it a very unstable method that is prone to wear and tear; when coming into contact with water for example, veneer will peel away to show the cheap board underneath. It is also very expensive to repair veneer furniture since a small amount of damage can necessitate the whole panel being replaced.

Solid wood on the other hand is significantly more durable, so much so that we offer an 11 year guarantee on all our products. Since the components in our bed frames are made from one continuous material, there is far less likelihood of fissures occurring. By only using the best cuts, we can provide you with optimum structural integrity. It is also very easy to maintain, and can withstand far more without displaying signs of use; other than occasional dusting, wood furniture requires very little maintenance.

The London Bed

As well as receiving only the very best quality furniture, by choosing Get Laid Beds you are reducing your carbon footprint. Timber is a renewable material, which we source sustainably. We also work with the International Tree Foundation to plant many more trees than we consume as we work to become carbon neutral. By planting sustainably, we can help reforest our world as it once was.

All our wooden bed frames are handmade to order and are fully customizable. Take a look at our online range to find the perfect frame for your home.

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