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Are Single Beds Suitable for Adults?

By Jonny Haskins 18 November 2022

Whether you’ve got a bedroom that’s on the smaller side, are looking for a multi-purpose guest room bed, or are living with your parents, there are plenty of reasons for adults to have twin/single beds.

Single beds aren’t associated with hostels and bedsits in the same way that they used to be thanks to the rise in popularity of living alone. Now, many are seeing the benefits of single beds for adults, which we’ve outlined below.

Are Single Beds Suitable for Adults?

Although typically used for children and teens, single beds aren’t limited to these age groups. Many adults find that single or twin beds work best for them, dependent on the size of their bedroom and their specific circumstances.

For example, adults living alone who have smaller bedrooms might find that a single bed with storage, like one of our space savers, is ideal for them. A rise in solo living over recent years has seen an increase in popularity for single beds for adults. The independence is attractive to many, but with it often comes less space, making these smaller beds ideal.

Can I Have a Single Bed in a Guest Bedroom?

Guest bedrooms are actually one of the most suitable places for an adult single bed. For multipurpose rooms in particular, like home offices or playrooms, day beds are a fantastic option for an easy-access, single bed for adults when you have a guest staying the night.

Our Modern Ohio Day Bed, for example, is sleek and versatile, acting as a sofa during the day while also providing a comfortable place for visitors to sleep at night.

Can Couples Sleep in a Single Bed?

We wouldn’t recommend sharing a single bed, but depending on how you and your partner sleep, two separate beds could be a better option than sharing a larger frame. Sleeping separately puts a stop to one partner stealing the blanket, or if your partner moves around a lot, it could help you avoid an accidental whack to the face during the night.

If you’d rather share your bed, however, full double beds are ideal for couples working with less space. You could even opt for an adjustable bed, so that you and your partner can each set your own side of the bed to your preferred sleeping position.

An Environmentally Sound Choice

At Get Laid Beds, we’re proud of our environmentally friendly bed frames, and single beds are the most environmentally sound of them all as they use less materials.

We always use 100% sustainably sourced materials to hand-build our bed frames. This includes slats that are twice as thick as the industry standard and strong mortise and tenon joints to ensure longevity in our designs.

Find the Bed for You at Get Laid Beds

We offer a huge selection of wood beds at Get Laid Beds, as well as a bespoke made to measure service. With us, it’s easier than ever to design the bed of your dreams.

Simply get in touch with one of our experts today to get started, or browse our range of wood bed frames in all designs and sizes online, now.

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