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4.5 Tog Soft Hollowfibre Duvet

Our Thermofill 4.5 Tog Duvet features hollowfibre fillings which remain one of the most popular choices within the UK industry today. This duvet is of a 4.5 tog which typically is used for the hotter months of summer though it is also a popular choice during the cooler seasons. Construction/Fillings Soft hollowfibre fillings are a highly affordable alternative to natu..


10.5 Tog Hungarian Goose Down

The Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down 10.5 Tog Duvet offers the utmost in luxury featuring a super soft and comfortable goose down filling encased within a 100% fine cotton cover for even more luxury. This duvet would be suitable for use in all seasons. Construction/Fillings The Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Duvet features super luxurious goose down filling which creates ..


Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Our Hungarian Goose Down Pillow is the ultimate in luxury with it being filled with 100% natural goose down encased within a fine cotton cover for a fresh and hygienic approach. This pillow is bound to provide the utmost in comfort and support. Construction/Fillings The Hungarian Goose Down Pillow is a super luxurious pillow that offers great levels of support and com..

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