What Is Near-Floor Sleeping?

As the name suggests, near-floor sleeping is the process of sleeping close to floor. This tends to be achieved by sleeping on a low bed frame. Near-floor sleeping is a Japanese tradition, this helped to inspire the stylish design of our Low Oriental Bed.

Sleeping close to the floor is more common in smaller bedrooms, particularly those that have a restrictive ceiling height. Low bed frames are an ideal choice for these types of bedrooms as they make your bedroom appear visually larger. Not only this, but the style of a low bed frame also makes them ideal in any bedroom. Near-floor sleeping doesn’t necessarily need to be done in a small room, some people generally prefer to sleep nearer to the ground anyway, but why?


Getting up out of a low bed frame requires more movement. The first thing you’ll be doing when you wake up is stretching and elongating yourself out of bed. Yet with a standard height bed you’ll be simply dropping your feet out of bed with minimal effort.

Keep Cooler

We all know that heat rises, therefore by sleeping closer to the ground you will be less likely to overheat. This makes near-floor sleeping an ideal choice during the warm summer months, especially because you’ll be tossing and turning in the night trying to keep cool.

Maximise Bedroom Space

Our range of handmade low beds takes up a minimal amount of bedroom space. This makes them ideal for attic or loft bedrooms in which space is limited. Low bed frames have the visual appearance to become the centrepiece in any bedroom, no matter whether it’s a master bedroom or a guest bedroom. So despite being lower and more minimalist than other beds, they can still have the elegance to become the main focal point of your bedroom.

We love near floor sleeping and it has inspired us when deciding on the designs for many of our beds.

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