Top Tips For Waking Up In The Morning

Waking up. Something so many of us hate. It seems, no matter how hard you try to get up, you cannot seem to stop hitting that ‘snooze’ button, with the aim to gain an extra 5 minutes (which always seems to turn into another ‘Just 5 More’). But did you know, there are some tips which can help making getting up easier? Following these steps can help you begin to find waking up a breeze.

One excellent tip is to plan ahead. Why not set out your clothes the night before, and anything else you require for the next day? This means you can save time in the morning, gaining an extra few minutes in bed where required.

Another great tip for waking up to to progressively adjust your alarm clock. For example, set it a minute earlier everyday, until you hit the goal in which you want to wake up. This adjustment of 1 minute a day is something you’ll hardly notice, but within a month, you’ll be waking up half an hour earlier!

A further tip for making waking up easier is to consider what you want to do with the extra time you’re gaining? As an example, if you decide you want to wake up earlier to go on a walk, and this is something you love, then you can begin to associate this while waking up. You will feel more motivated, as you’ll know if you wake up earlier, you’ll have more time to enjoy something you love.

Another key part is to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s said that too much time sat in front of screens right before bed certainly won’t benefit your sleeping pattern. It’s said you should stop watching TV, using the computer and other bright gadgets at least an hour before you plan on going bed. By following this tip, it will help make getting to sleep easier which in turn will benefit getting up the next morning.

A final tip is to make hitting snooze harder! If you alarm clock is right beside your bed, which snooze can be hit with a simple raised hand, then wanting to sleep in is going to become more likely. Why not place your alarm clock in a position where you’re forced to get up to turn it off. There are even gadgets now where the alarm clock will roll off your bedside table, and continue to roll around the room, until you’re forced to get up, catch it, and turn it off!

Waking up doesn’t have to become a difficulty, or seem a punishment. Some simple changes before bed are the start to help make your morning routine an easier one.

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