Pros And Cons Of Wooden Storage Beds

By Helena Young 13 February 2023

We believe that everyone deserves to have the bed of their dreams, regardless of the size of their room. We understand that storage is a big consideration when purchasing furniture for your bedroom. Where can you stash out of season clothes? Is there space for your shoes? And that spare duvet needs to go somewhere…

With so many demands on your space, it can feel like you need to prioritise functionality over style. But with our Storage Beds, you don’t need to compromise. These gorgeous frames make the perfect centrepiece for any room, whilst also offering discreet and accessible storage options.

Why Choose a Storage Bed?

Japanese Storage Bed (Scandinavian Pine, Cinammon Satin Finish)

In spatially challenged rooms, storage can be a real hassle. But, by choosing multifunctional furniture, you can achieve the zen haven you’ve always dreamed of, no matter the size of your room.

As the name suggests, Storage Beds offer both a place to sleep and useful storage solutions. Our expertly designed storage bed frames are space efficient, and offer a variety of custom options to suit your needs. Whether you opt for easily accessible draws or an elegant Ottoman Bed, our designs will make bedroom storage a breeze.

And what’s more, the storage element of each frame is specifically designed to compliment the design of the bed. This means that there is no need to choose between style and functionality; you really can have it all!

Choosing Your Bed

Platform Bed (Scandinavian Pine, White Satin Finish)

Expertly designed with plenty of space underneath the slats, our ottoman beds and storage beds are both stylish and functional.

Our efficient and elegant designs mean you won't have to choose between style and function. To discover our full range of ottoman beds and storage beds, take a look at our online range.

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