Did you know that Human Beings are getting taller?


long beds for tall people

Did you know that Human Beings as a species are actually getting taller? There is evidence to suggest that in just 200 years on average people have grown by around 4cm taller than our relatives were back in the 1800’s. And remember the Cavemen? From the remains that have been excavated, we now know that Stone Age people were around 10-20cm shorter than we are today – their beds must have been tiny.

Perhaps the main reason for our latest “growth spurt” is simply down to better nutrition and improved health care services, but Scientists and Geneticists who study our evolutionary path say the changes that we go through as a species lend themselves to making us stronger as a race – it’s a survival thing. There is also evidence to show that taller people are also living longer so it’s a good thing we offer an 11 year Guarantee on all of our Beds then!

Are we all destined to become pro-basketball players in the future? Who can say – but one thing that is for certain is that taller bodies need extra long beds and that’s where we step in! Get Laid Beds offers a bespoke “Customisation Service” so we can modify any of our standard bed frames to make smaller beds for smaller people and tall beds for taller people – and we can also provide extra long bespoke sized tall mattresses to fit. We wouldn’t want your toes getting cold!

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Did you know the average person sleeps 25 years in their lifetime!


Did you know that statistics show that the average person spends 25 years asleep?

On average a person spends 8 hours a day sleeping which equates to around 229,961 hours in their lifetime – approximately one third of their life not taking into account the sneaky duvet days (cough cough!) It’s precious time that could have been spent watching Die Hard 105,325 times! When you put it into perspective that is a lot of time snuggled in your duvet – so you deserve a quality bed and mattress to guarantee comfort and support for all those cozy nights to come!

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Traditional Bed Frames – A Solid, Durable & Reliable Design

Traditional Country Bed Frame - Handmade Wooden Beds by Get Laid Beds

At Get Laid Beds we are proud to showcase a wide range of handmade wooden bed frames to ensure that there is always a choice to suit you no matter the décor of your home. As well as contemporary styled beds, we also feature many traditional beds which look exceptional in a country or cottage setting but also look fantastic in modern homes to create a traditional twist to the bedroom.

One of our most popular beds would be our Traditional Country Bed. The Traditional County Bed would make an outstandingly beautiful addition to any bedroom with the larger than average headboard and footboard instantly making a statement. This bed frame not only works beautifully within a country styled home or cottage but also can work to create a more traditional twist in a modern and contemporary setting. The curve of the headboard and the footboard helps to soften the edges of the bed and creates a wonderful finish to this bed and the extra headboard height makes it ideal for those who wish to read in bed at night or watch television. This traditional bed also features excellent clearance underneath the bed frame to maximise the storage options within your bedroom. The elegantly traditional design makes an impact upon entry and would look fantastic in any of our hardwood options or solid Scandinavian pine stains. Continue reading

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Top 10 Best Summer Films


The sun may not be shining as brightly as before but to get you in the mood for (hopefully) more sunshine, here are our Top 10 Summer films – selected by our team here at Get Laid Beds!

10. Grease

An old classic of course. Although set in term time, it does feature that ever so famous song ‘Summer Lovin’ – so we thought it would most definitely be worth a mention. Sometimes, you can’t beat an old classic musical!

9. Jaws

Yet another classic is on the list already with Amity Island preparing for its busy 4th of July weekend. Nothing is going to get in the way of relaxing on the beach is it? Continue reading

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Handmade Wooden Bed Frames – Quality Built In The UK

Chelsea Bed Frame Headboard - Handmade by Get Laid Beds

One of our main advantages as a strong company is our ability to keep costs low but in the correct way. We do this by having a specialist joinery and carpentry facility based here on our site rather than importing cheaper products from abroad.

Through this, we can let you as the customer reap the rewards when choosing a Get Laid Bed. As we don’t have to worry about international shipping or importing fees we also do not worry about the weight of the beds and the quality of the wood we use. For this reason you will find that the wooden beds by Get Laid Handmade Beds are of the highest quality and the wood we use will add strength and durability to your purchase.

Having our own manufacturing facility and experienced bedmakers on site ensures we can keep a close eye on the manufacturing process and quality control and ensures that as a customer, you are always kept up to date. Continue reading

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Our Modern Day Bed – Practical & Stylish – The Best Of Both!

Modern Day Bed - Handmade Wooden Bed Frames by Get Laid Beds

Our Modern Day Bed is a bed frame that offers a dual purpose. It has the option to be used as a sofa during the day with armrests and a backrest, whilst in the evening or when hosting guests, the design can be utilised as a stunning bed frame to be slept in.

With a simple yet sophisticated design, the Modern Day bed can be a focal point in any lounge, small bedroom or even a conservatory setting. With clean cut lines and a solid structure this bed is the ultimate luxury for any room and is available in three different sizes to ensure this bed is a brilliant addition to your space. Continue reading

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One Happy Dog and Her New Bed



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How To Deal With Jet Lag This Summer

How To Avoid Jet Lag This Summer

The term jet lag commonly refers to the feeling you get after you travel abroad on holiday but is much more common with long distance flights or if you fly in the early hours of the morning. When you visit a country that is in a different time zone your circadian rhythm – your body’s natural 24 hour clock – is thrown off balance as the time in your new destination is different to what you’re used to. This is what is referred to as jet lag. We can’t completely prevent this from happening as it is our body’s natural rhythm; however, there are several things you can do before, during and after your flight to help you adjust as quickly as possible. Continue reading

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Duvets: Tog Densities Explained

Duvets - Our Bedding Range - Get Laid Beds

Most of us will have bought duvets (and matching pillows) in our lifetimes. Yes, we do take care looking at the fibre content, quality and ‘washability’ of the duvets and pillows. But how many of us have seen the tog rating and known what it actually means for us individually?
A tog rating refers to the thermal density of a duvet or other fabric and what’s in the duvet can dramatically affect the tog rating. Different fibres have different levels of warmth when it comes to sandwiching warm air between their layers. Natural fibres like cotton, down and wool tend to be much more effective at trapping warm air. These materials need much less than a synthetic counterpart to trap the same amount of heat, meaning that natural material duvets can appear much lighter. However, they will have the same tog rating as a heavier synthetic duvet. An increasing amount of people have allergies to natural fibres, so often synthetic-filled duvets are a better choice for them. Continue reading

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Our Range Of Bedding – Perfectly Complimenting Our Wooden Bed Frames

Our Range Of Bedding - Pillows - Get Laid Beds

Here at Get Laid Beds we love to offer the full package with our handmade wooden bed frames, luxurious mattresses and our recently launched bedding range to cater for everybody. We have a wide range of duvet types to help to provide all of our customers with a choice suitable for their requirements which are available in different togs, making it easy to buy a duvet no matter the season. Our most affordable duvets are our Hollowfibre duvets which are one of the most popular choices for fillings today. Hollowfibre fillings are a great alternative to natural duvets as the fillings trap air more effectively than many other fibres which helps to keep the mattress warm yet breathable. These soft fluffy fibres are also hypoallergenic, making a Hollowfibre duvet an ideal choice for those who suffer with allergies. We also have goose feather and down duvets which provide a lightweight bur warming feel and with a special boxed construction you can be assured that the fillings don’t move around too much within the duvet allowing an even warmth. Only the finest natural fillings are including in our goose feather and down duvets and are ideal for a pure and soft luxury feel. For the utmost in luxury we have our Hungarian Goose Down duvet cover which is super soft and is encased within a 100% fine cotton cover for an extra luxurious feel. These all natural fillings create an ideal sleeping environment ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable for the entire night. Continue reading

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