Mounted Feature Headboard Ideas


At Get Laid Beds we have a range of different wooden bed frames without headboards that you can order in an array of stunning colours to place up against existing or homemade headboards. A couple of examples of these frames include our Platform Bed Space Saver and our Floating Platform Bed.

A style I’ve always loved is the feature headboard, there is just so much you can do with them to create any style from timelessly traditional to boutique boudoir. The classic upholstered is by far the best known when it comes to elegant headboards but not an easy look to achieve at home on a budget.

I have come across some amazing ideas on the web to create a unique headboard yourself at home at a very little cost. One creative concept that cropped up a couple of times was the use of old wooden window frames, doors and pallets. This adds a beautifully distressed yet stylish look to any bedroom. Another amazing design I have seen is the use of old rowing oars or hockey sticks staked and mounted on the wall to create a headboard to reflect your interests. Not a massive sports fan? Try mounting old records, used books or rescued paintings to the wall to construct a headboard that mirrors your personality.


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How A Get Laid Bed Is Made


Each of our handmade wooden bed frames is manufactured by a team of highly skilled craftsmen (not robots). When you have chosen your bed frame and an order is placed, your brand new bed frame is born and so begins it’s journey to you! We thought you might like to know a little more about how it all happens.

First of all you should know that all of our Pine is responsibly grown and ethically sourced from Scandinavia and is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Once the workshop receive your order the wood is carefully selected and then cut to the correct lengths and each piece is sanded. It is then stained in the colour of your choosing and left to dry completely overnight at the optimum temperature.

When the bed is dry it is then passed to our rigorous Quality Control Team who inspect every component to make sure they all meet our high standards before being packaged for dispatch.

We use a national courier to make all of our deliveries and they arrive at the end of each day to collect the bed frames due for delivery the following day. They leave our workshop and are taken overnight to your local depot where they are then loaded onto the lorry which will deliver straight to your door – and voila! Your new bed has a home!

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Monthly Photo Competition


Monthly Photo Competition

At Get Laid Beds we hold a monthly photo competition for our customers to win a £100. We get a range of creative and artistic photographs that we upload to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for the online community to like and share. The photo that gets the most activity online will be crowned the winner. If you would like to enter your Get Laid Bed into our next competition simply send your photo to

We’ve had amazing photos sent in for our February 2015 draw, it’s going to be close this month. You can view all the entries on our Facebook page, give your favourite photo a like, comment or share the picture.

View all current and previous entries on our website too.


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Trouble Sleeping?


It is important for people to wind down after a long day and many of us like to count sheep, watch TV or settle down with a good book before we go to sleep. But studies have shown that people who use their electronic device to read before bed time could actually be damaging their sleep patterns.

It is thought by researchers that reading from an electronic device can give you a worse nights sleep, breaking up your rest cycle and often making you wake up feeling tired, unmotivated and less focussed the next day. It has been suggested that sleep deficiency can lend itself to further problems later in life including obesity and diabetes.

One of the main findings from the study is a visible reduction in melatonin levels which are produced naturally and help you to sleep soundly mainly caused by focussing your eyes on the light from the screen. There are supplements and herbal aids you can take to increase melatonin if you are deficient but the studies warn against reading from a laptop or phone before you go to sleep as a natural way of preventing the problem. There are several other things that we can all do to guarantee a better nights rest:

Firstly make sure your mattress is correct for your needs. A comfortable bed is essential for our bodies to relax and regenerate whilst we sleep. Our bodies need to be comfortable in order to do this and of all the items we accumulate in life, a mattress should never be compromised.

Your body will relax better if the environment is dark and warm with a flow of clean fresh air so where possible keep a window open and turn off all electrical products to stop the lights from distracting you while you nod off.  

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Why You Love Get Laid Beds

We love hearing what you’ve got to say about your new Get Laid Bed and we thought we’d share some of our favourite reviews from the last couple of months.

Marcus says “I ordered a Four Poster Classic bed for delivery to Denmark and it arrived in good time. The team were very helpful and kept me updated along the way. I love the bed it works really well in my room! No issues with putting the bed together. Really happy with the service I received and I am keen to recommend the company to others! Good Job Guys!

You all know we specialise in handmade wooden bed frames, what you may not be aware of is our collection of handmade mattresses

Caroline says “We already had a small double bed frame so were just looking to replace the old mattress with one of better quality and support for our ever growing teenage son. The choice of mattresses in this size in the marketplace is limited, as is the quality, so we were pleased to find the Getlaidbeds website offered a wide number of options.

We chose the Pocket 2000 Memory mattress and it was delivered at lunchtime on the chosen day. When I saw the courier walking down the drive with the mattress balanced up on his shoulder, I thought we’d made an error of judgement and it was going to be a light, flimsy mattress.

I was wrong. The courier is obviously very strong!

It took 2 of us to unwrap it (the packaging is excellent) and manoeuvre it on to the bed frame.

As for comfort? Our son is sleeping so well on this mattress and hasn’t got a bad word to say about it. He sometimes used to suffer from back pain first thing in the morning and that has gone completely. I just wish we had changed his mattress sooner.

Thank you for your comments everyone.

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The Low Down: The Low Loft and Low Modern Beds

Low Bed Frames might not be the first style you imagine when thinking about buying a new bed but they are a very popular choice and an excellent idea for many reasons:

Firstly they are a wonderful way of creating extra space in a bedroom. If you are limited for space then low bed frames trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it actually is.

Low Loft and Low Modern bed frames are excellent choices especially if you are creating a bedroom in a loft conversion or attic space. No headboard means the bed is suitable for rooms with low eaves.

The Low Loft and Low Modern beds can also promote a minimalist / oriental theme. As the bed frame lays on the ground there is no room for clutter.

Many people believe sleeping closer to the ground actually promotes a healthier sleep pattern. And it’s easier to simply roll in and out of bed – literally!

Don’t forget all of our beds have an 11 Year Guarantee and will arrive flat packed in long thin boxes so getting them up the stairs is easy!

If you would like to find out more about our Low Loft or Low Modern bed frames please click the links below.

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There Was 7 In The Bed And The Little One Said


Curious to what a 9 foot Super Caesar size bed frame looks like in real life? I know I was when I joined the Get Laid Beds team. This is a picture of our hardworking workshop team having a well earned lie down within a Super Caesar Four Poster bed frame.

The Super Caesar is the largest size we currently manufacture and would be ideal if you’re looking to make a statement.

So what are the benefits of such a large bed? Continue reading

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Feng Shui Your Home


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy in which it is believed total harmony can be achieved and shared by everyone through the organisation and ‘flow’ of their surroundings.

We all know that a clean and tidy workspace is better than a cluttered and cramped one, in the physical sense. Though the idea behind Feng Shui is that when a space is organised in a certain way it will inherently benefit from positive “Qi” or “Chi” in a spiritual sense which in turn lends itself to promoting general well being in those who exist within that space.

This Eastern ideology has been adopted by the West and is taken seriously by Architects and Designers hoping to maximise both space and the feeling of positive energy in an environment.

There are simple things we can do in our own bedrooms to achieve this positive flow of energy – here are just a few: Continue reading

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Sleep In Style!


The Four Poster Bed is a sign of style and sophistication, and for centuries has been a statement of wealth.  Many Kings, Queens and Dignitaries demanded nothing less.  A lot of people still see a Four Poster Bed as a status symbol or something only for the wealthy but this is no longer the case.

Continue reading

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Change Your Bedding In Record Time!


Who Says Food And Bed Don’t Mix?!

Most people hate having to make their beds – especially kids. They think that putting clean bed sheets on is boring and a chore, often leaving it up to poor old Mum and Dad to get the job done! But it doesn’t have to be this way – there is a new and exciting way to make up your bed that both kids and adults can have fun with – it’s called The Duvet Burrito!

Follow these 10 simple steps to make your bed in under two minutes: Continue reading

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