More Happy Customers


At Get Laid Beds we take pride in our quality craftsmanship, beautiful designs and helpful customer service. We want your experience to be special from the moment you place your order to when you’re sleeping on your brand new bed. We love hearing back from our customers and seeing pictures of the beds we have made and have thought we’d share some of the feedback we have had recently;

Jane said ‘From ordering over the phone, spoke to a very helpful and lovely lady, to picking the bed up ourselves, as we live down the road, and to making up our new space saver bed, which fits perfectly in between our new fitted wardrobes, the service and the quality of the product were/are excellent. Would definitely recommend to anyone to purchase from this company.’

Amanda said ‘The beds I purchased were for my two sons who are in their late teens. They both wanted a contemporary style but a natural material and it was one of them who found the website. It was very easy to navigate and make choices, then ordering was equally painless. The order arrived in good time and the products are just as we expected….. If not better. We would recommend and would use again.’

Thank you both for your feedback

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Pets In Bed


Having pets in bed isn’t unusual in England. A survey found that almost half of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed and the survey also mentions that 75% of cats sleep with their owners. I think it is most pet owners intentions to keep the pet out the bedroom and off the bed but unless you are persistent and can ignore their cries and meows throughout the night eventually you give in and you can’t remember the last time you slept without that bundle of fluff under the duvet.

So does it affect your health having your pet share the covers? If you have no allergies or asthma there’s not really any negative impact on your health, however pets can disturb your sleep.  A study by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center noticed that half their patients in the study had a dog or cat, and 53% of those pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep regularly. It is recommended that people who have difficulty sleeping consider keeping pets out of the bedroom.

On the other hand studies have also shown that pets can help you sleep. Some people feel safer having their dog in bed which helps people feel at ease and sleep easier also having a dog with rhythmic breathing sleeping beside you has been said to work better than some sleeping drugs.

So it would seem the nations on the fence about allowing pets in bed. I couldn’t think of anything better than having a fluffy hot water bottle in the form of a cat to cuddle up to on a cold night.

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Mothers Day


With Mothers Day on the horizon, once again, I’m sure a lot of people are stuck for gift ideas and feel their Mother is much more deserving than the customary flowers or perfume.  We here at get laid beds pride ourselves on quality and can almost guarantee that any parent would be over the moon with the gift of a hand made bed.

Mothers are the people who make us who we are and what a way to say thank you for all of the sleepless nights, great advice we usually ignore and patients when we are learning from our mistakes.

For the utmost of gratitude you could even look at our four poster range with its elegance and style you’ll be in good books until the next time you need to borrow money or find a last minute baby sitter.

We also have a large range of luxurious mattresses to offer even the most particular mum an unforgettable nights sleep.  Try complimenting your hand made wooden bed frame with our Pocket 2000 Memory mattress with all the support of an orthopedic mattress and added comfort from a thick layer of memory foam to keep her comfy and warm on those winter nights.  We all know the winters are getting colder and with a seven year warranty, this mattress will last for all the years ahead.

Remember Mothers day is drawing near there’s still time to have your hand made bed delivered and put together for her to enjoy breakfast in bed on Sunday March 15th 2015!

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Sleeping During The Day

We’ve all been there; the office on Friday afternoon with hours to go before home time. You feel yourself nodding off and then BANG the phone rings and all of a sudden you are back in the room and wondering what time it is!

It is sometimes tempting to have a nap during working hours – and great if you can get away with it! Studies conducted actually showed that 63% of the participants took in less than 6 hours of sleep every single night – less than the recommended 7.5 hours.

It has been proven that napping through the afternoon has significant mental and physical advantages – refreshing the mind, therefore increasing productivity for the rest of the day and allowing the body to recharge its batteries. Stress levels can significantly reduce by taking short naps too.

Short sleeps for periods of no longer than 15 to 20 minutes will stop you from slipping into a deep sleep which is always harder to wake up from.

However, most employers look down upon their staff falling asleep at their desk. If you find yourself not, well, yourself throughout the day it might be time to consider a new bed and mattress that are right for you. Many people grow complacent with their old bed and mattress but over time the body becomes accustomed. There are so many benefits to sleeping on a new mattress, your mind, your body (and your boss) will thank you for it!

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Why Are Sleeping Patterns So Important?

During these cold winter months the nights seem longer and the temptation to get into bed early at night or lie in each morning is just too great! But it is vital to give yourself a regular sleep pattern. Scientists and Psychologists have studied the effects of how sleep affects the body and mind for many years.

Recent studies suggest that people who avoid sleep by staying up late and do not allow themselves a regular sleeping pattern can in fact cause long term side effects, including feelings of prolonged negativity and heightened stress levels.

But it isn’t always enough to simply go to bed at a suitable time. There are other things you can do to guarantee that your sleep is as restful as possible – like turning off any electrical equipment such as TV’s or computers, opening a window to get a flow of fresh air and ensuring your mattress is suitable for your needs.

It is recommended by the Official Sleep Council (yes they exist!) that people require between 7 and 8 hours of restful sleep each night in order to feel the maximum benefit and function properly. Sleeping for longer than this can result in slower and sluggish behaviour and less could result in lower productivity levels, a reduced reaction time and even serious health issues like diabetes and depression.

So make sure your sleeping like a dog to stay happy and healthy!

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Happy Valentines Day!


“Why do birds suddenly appear”…Ahem, sorry about that. Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where Christmas is a distant memory and everyone’s focus is on the “L” word….LOVE! It’s almost Valentines day, the one day of the year when we all go overboard with presents, cards, flowers and chocolates to impress our loved ones.

This year, to be different you could give that special someone something you will both really love – a brand new, handmade wooden bed and mattress from Get Laid Beds. After all, nothing says “I Love You” better than a sturdy headboard and a roll around on a comfy new mattress!

At Get Laid Beds we offer a wide selection of made to order wooden bed frames and mattresses to suit all tastes. Check out the website to see which beds are included in the current sale.

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Mounted Feature Headboard Ideas


At Get Laid Beds we have a range of different wooden bed frames without headboards that you can order in an array of stunning colours to place up against existing or homemade headboards. A couple of examples of these frames include our Platform Bed Space Saver and our Floating Platform Bed.

A style I’ve always loved is the feature headboard, there is just so much you can do with them to create any style from timelessly traditional to boutique boudoir. The classic upholstered is by far the best known when it comes to elegant headboards but not an easy look to achieve at home on a budget.

I have come across some amazing ideas on the web to create a unique headboard yourself at home at a very little cost. One creative concept that cropped up a couple of times was the use of old wooden window frames, doors and pallets. This adds a beautifully distressed yet stylish look to any bedroom. Another amazing design I have seen is the use of old rowing oars or hockey sticks staked and mounted on the wall to create a headboard to reflect your interests. Not a massive sports fan? Try mounting old records, used books or rescued paintings to the wall to construct a headboard that mirrors your personality.


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How A Get Laid Bed Is Made


Each of our handmade wooden bed frames is manufactured by a team of highly skilled craftsmen (not robots). When you have chosen your bed frame and an order is placed, your brand new bed frame is born and so begins it’s journey to you! We thought you might like to know a little more about how it all happens.

First of all you should know that all of our Pine is responsibly grown and ethically sourced from Scandinavia and is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Once the workshop receive your order the wood is carefully selected and then cut to the correct lengths and each piece is sanded. It is then stained in the colour of your choosing and left to dry completely overnight at the optimum temperature.

When the bed is dry it is then passed to our rigorous Quality Control Team who inspect every component to make sure they all meet our high standards before being packaged for dispatch.

We use a national courier to make all of our deliveries and they arrive at the end of each day to collect the bed frames due for delivery the following day. They leave our workshop and are taken overnight to your local depot where they are then loaded onto the lorry which will deliver straight to your door – and voila! Your new bed has a home!

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Monthly Photo Competition


Monthly Photo Competition

At Get Laid Beds we hold a monthly photo competition for our customers to win a £100. We get a range of creative and artistic photographs that we upload to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for the online community to like and share. The photo that gets the most activity online will be crowned the winner. If you would like to enter your Get Laid Bed into our next competition simply send your photo to

We’ve had amazing photos sent in for our February 2015 draw, it’s going to be close this month. You can view all the entries on our Facebook page, give your favourite photo a like, comment or share the picture.

View all current and previous entries on our website too.


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Trouble Sleeping?


It is important for people to wind down after a long day and many of us like to count sheep, watch TV or settle down with a good book before we go to sleep. But studies have shown that people who use their electronic device to read before bed time could actually be damaging their sleep patterns.

It is thought by researchers that reading from an electronic device can give you a worse nights sleep, breaking up your rest cycle and often making you wake up feeling tired, unmotivated and less focussed the next day. It has been suggested that sleep deficiency can lend itself to further problems later in life including obesity and diabetes.

One of the main findings from the study is a visible reduction in melatonin levels which are produced naturally and help you to sleep soundly mainly caused by focussing your eyes on the light from the screen. There are supplements and herbal aids you can take to increase melatonin if you are deficient but the studies warn against reading from a laptop or phone before you go to sleep as a natural way of preventing the problem. There are several other things that we can all do to guarantee a better nights rest:

Firstly make sure your mattress is correct for your needs. A comfortable bed is essential for our bodies to relax and regenerate whilst we sleep. Our bodies need to be comfortable in order to do this and of all the items we accumulate in life, a mattress should never be compromised.

Your body will relax better if the environment is dark and warm with a flow of clean fresh air so where possible keep a window open and turn off all electrical products to stop the lights from distracting you while you nod off.  

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