Commonly Asked Questions


Here at Get Laid Beds we find we have a number of commonly asked questions which our Customer services team get asked every day and so to help with your purchase and to clear up any questions you may have we have decided to write this FAQ blog to help answer the little questions and save you time. Continue reading

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International Pillow Fight


So this month has seen the return of the annual tradition of International pillow fight day.  Across the globe people were gearing up for what is becoming one of the most attended flash mobs the world over. Continue reading

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Chicken Of The Month


Here at Get Laid beds we have decided to celebrate a different chicken each and every month.  Many people won’t know about the breed diversity and we hope to show just how fascinating chickens can actually be.

This month we are crowning the most well known of chickens which are the most common and the closest descendants of the first domesticated birds.

In the most recent headcount there was estimated to be around 19 billion chickens in the world which is almost three chickens for every Human being!

Although predominantly bred for Eggs and their meat chickens also make great pets.  They have been domesticated for more than 10,000 years.  Not only can they become great companions but they are ideal to get rid of unwanted bugs and insects.

If you’re looking for a new friend why not adopt an ex-battery hen.  These ladies have worked hard their whole life in far from ideal conditions and deserve a retirement home with lots of space to stretch their wings and a loving family.

If you’re not in a position to re-home a chicken you could always sponsor one and help towards their golden years.

Look out next month for another Chicken of the month.

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5 Steps To A More Relaxing Room


In this day and age it can be very difficult to switch off from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Was the cat fed? Are the kids ok? Did I hand that report in on time? There is always something buzzing around your brain. It can very often lead to sleep deprivation and this in turn can cause negative effects on your productivity during the day.

Your bedroom is your safe haven, your place of solace – a world away from the world where you can relax and let your mind and body re-energise….no? Well if this doesn’t sound like your bedroom then try these simple tips to help you relax and turn your bedroom into your new favourite place to be: Continue reading

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Spring Forward


Sunday the 29th of March is a date for your diaries, it’s time for the clocks to change. We may lose an hour in bed but we can finally say goodbye to those dark and dingy evenings. Yes, Spring is on it’s way and all the brilliant things that come with it. Daffodils, trees blossoming, lambs springing in the fields, what a brilliant time of year.

With this change comes the inevitable big spring clean. Whilst in the process of cleaning all those forgotten corners around the house why not have a good clean out of all your bedding and get yourself some fresh new sheets.  We also have a range of 4.5 TOG duvets which are ideal for the summer months as it starts to get warmer! And why stop there, treat yourself to a brand new mattress. We’d highly recommend our Pocket 2000 mattress featuring natural wool and 2000 pocket springs to distribute weight and movement. This mattress also come with a 7 year warranty, what more could you ask for?

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March 2015 Is National Bed Month!


It’s official; beds are like saints – they need recognition too! According to “The Sleep Council” (yes, its real!) they recognise the month of March as the best time to promote healthier sleeping patterns and they urge everyone to think about buying a new bed and mattress to help achieve this (to be honest that is something we at GLB HQ do all year round!)

With Spring on our doorsteps “The Sleep Council” actively encourage people to consider giving their old mattresses their ‘MARCHing orders -sorry, had to- and invest in a brand new bed frame and comfy new mattress.

People underestimate the importance of their bed and mattress and the innate benefits these things have on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Many people don’t even realise that some of their daily stresses could be (in no small part) down to their current bed or mattress not supporting them the way it should – after years of sleeping on the same surface our bodies are often not even aware there is a problem because we get so accustomed to the feel of it.

Another “nasty” to consider is the amount of waste/dead skin we actually shed into our mattress and bedding (cringe worthy I know, but a fact none the less).

If you have been thinking about replacing your bed and mattress recently then there is officially no better time to do it! Our “Laid Back” customer service team would love to help you find your next bed and mattress. Don’t delay for another year, call us today – it could really change your life!   

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Easter Sale Now On


Easter Sale Now Wooden Beds and Mattresses

A huge range of our wooden beds and mattresses are now on sale for our special Easter promotion.  With large savings up to 50% off some beds, make the most of this spring clean and get yourself a new bed or mattress.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the patron saint of Ireland and has become one of the World’s largest celebrated holidays overtaking festivals such as the Fourth of July and Cinco de Mayo. There doesn’t seem to be a reason behind why the remembrance of the Emerald Isle saint has become such a global party.

An Irish historian, Michael Cronin, based in Boston MA has explained the modern version of the holiday is largely an American export, celebrations gaining popularity as Irish immigrants asserted their cultural and political presence in American society. Parades in the U.S. started cropping up in the 1800s, but in Dublin you wouldn’t have seen that kind of celebration until around the 1990s due to civil conflicts. Continue reading

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Standard Bed Frame -vs- Space Saver


If space in your home is a little tight then check out our great range of Space Saver Beds!

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a new bed. For most people it is the largest thing in the bedroom and this can mean that space is often compromised. At Get Laid Beds we don’t believe this has to be the case!  Whilst we offer a great choice of Standard Frames to suit any bedroom, our range of Space Saving Beds come in really handy too – especially for those with limited or restricted room sizes (such as loft conversions or box rooms) and is the reason many people choose us to hand build their next bed.

Many customers ask what the differences are between a Standard and Space Saver frame so this Blog will help you identify which one is right for your needs. The clue may be in the name but the main difference between them is our Space Saver bed frames are slightly smaller than their Standard alternative but still take the same sized mattress; with the Space Saver frames no more than 3cm wider than the mattress. This can make all the difference to those with fitted wardrobes or smaller room dimensions.

The second main difference is aesthetic – the mattress would ordinarily rest within the frame of our standard wooden bed where the mattress instead lays on top of the frame in a Space Saver. One of our most popular frames is the Low Oriental Space Saver.  This can give the Space Saver a different look and feel. And if you are looking to buy two beds to push together to create a larger sleeping space then our White Knight Space Saver is ideal.

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Back Pain? The Orthopaedic Mattress Can Help!


Do you suffer from chronic back pain or arthritis?  If your sleeping pattern is compromised because of joint pain or spinal issues then an Orthopaedic Mattress is just what you need to help support you while you snooze.

Many of us do not have the best mattress for our individual needs and therefore do not feel the benefit or comfort of a more appropriate product.

Featuring a unique Bonnell spring unit our Orthopaedic Mattress is firmer than many of the other mattresses that we supply and is available in all sizes from small single (2ft 6”) to the largest size we manufacture, the 9ft Super Caesar and we can even manufacture them in Ikea European sizes.

With a continuous spring unit every spring draws support from the next to ensure the support and strength you might expect from a firm mattress. All of the fillings are carefully selected and encased in a micro quilted woven cover which means you get the feel of a truly quality mattress without the luxury price tag!

The Orthopaedic Mattress is also a fantastic option to consider for an occasional/guest bed or for a child’s mattress.

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