Our 19 Environmentally Friendly Wood Colour Stains

Image of our colour range

At Get Laid Beds, we care about the impacts on the environment while hand making your wooden bed frame. This is the reason why we take great care in the sourcing of our timber and pride ourselves in choosing the best possible stains which are the most environmentally friendly. We are extremely proud of our exclusive and gorgeous range of stains for you to choose from to colour your brand new wooden bed frame. Combined with the bespoke bed frame options, our large range of colours allow for thousands of combinations, making finding your ideal frame and colour an easy task.

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Charity Work/Recycling

Image of timber and recycling logo

Here at Get Laid Beds, we pride ourselves on the charity work and recycling we as a company aim to achieve. We strive to ensure that all we do is eco-friendly and helping the environment whilst also supporting charities that could benefit from our unwanted stock. We deem this to be an important cog within the business, and gain great satisfaction from doing our part to be environmentally friendly.

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Space Saver vs Standard Beds

Image of a Space Saver Bed

At Get Laid Beds we are frequently asked about the difference between our space-saver and standard height beds.

Space-Saver Beds:

Here is an example of one of our space saver beds. As you can see it sits very low down which is very ideal for saving space. These tend to be used in attic bedrooms and apartments as space-saving is quite essential in these types of properties. The main difference between a standard-height bed and a space-saver bed is that they take up less floorspace as the bed frame itself is smaller than it would be with a standard-height bed. This gives the mattress a floating effect, no legs sit at the feet of the bed, meaning that it saves vital room and you also won’t experience the pain of catching your toes on the legs of the bed.

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What Are Hypnic Jerks?

An image of two men skydiving

Do you ever wake up suddenly grabbing the sheets, feeling like you’re falling off the bed even though you’re laying right in the middle of it? Perhaps you’ve experienced dreams where it feels like you’re falling, and you’ve woken up as you reach the end of your downwards journey. These two occurrences and many like it are actually extremely common, experienced by over 70% of the world’s population. They’re called “hypnic jerks”, a fitting name for the sensation it provides.

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Messy Room? Store It Away!

Image of under bed storage

Having a messy bedroom really does have a negative effect on how you sleep. Not to mention the effect it has on the visual appearance of your bedroom. This is why storage compartments were made, so why not order yours from Get Laid Beds today, take that mess and store it away.

Here at Get Laid Beds, aside from wooden beds/mattresses and bedding, we also offer under bed storage units. They are very convenient and can be used to store away any clothing that you may have scattered around on the floor. It comes with a variety of different colours, similar to our wooden beds, it can also come in either a pine wood or a hardwood finish, in order to match your chosen bed colour. We offer either a ½ under bed storage compartment or a ¾ under bed storage compartment. Meaning that it doesn’t have to take up the entire section under your bed, depending on how much storage you actually require.

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Duvets For All Seasons

Duvets are an essential part of any bed. They’re perfect to wrap up warm in during the cold winter months, and excellent places to lounge on throughout the warmer months of the summer. They can even be used for building a makeshift bedroom fort, propped up with pillows and carefully balanced to create your own little world.

It’s important for your duvet to be just the way you like it. Get Laid Beds has an excellent variety of luxury duvets, all with 100% cotton covers. The goose feather duvets may not have 100% cotton covers, but they are machine-washable, providing you with a high quality practical option. There are a range of different Tog (warmth) ratings available, providing the opportunity to choose the duvet best suited to you. If you favour cooler temperatures while sleeping, then perhaps the 4.5 Tog Soft Hollow fibre Duvet is for you.

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WIN a Pair of Luxurious Goose-Feather Down Pillows

We are holding a competition on both Facebook and Twitter, in which 4 of our Goose-Feather Down Pillows are up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning simply Like/Share our Facebook post as well as answering our question.

For the Twitter competition Retweet and answer the question to be entered.

You will then be in with a chance of winning not just one, but TWO of our Luxurious Goose-Feather Down Pillows for each running competition.

The winners will be announced on both social media platforms on Friday 14th August.

All of the fluffy fillings within the Goose-Feather Down Pillow are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. They are perfect for supporting and comforting your head and neck, also they can handle being washed and tumble dried within the household, meaning getting them clean doesn’t have to be a hassle. The pillows have a 100% cotton cover giving it a fresh and wholesome feel. Continue reading

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Sleeping In Cycles: Feeling Refreshed

When we sleep, we do so in several different stages. First, we enter a light sleep. Then a deep sleep, and finally a dream-state. These stages often happen several times in a night, and run in cycles of roughly 90 minutes each. This may sound like it doesn’t matter, but sleep cycles can be used to your advantage.

Have you ever found yourself exhausted when waking up, despite a long nights sleep? You’re sure you dozed off at around ten o’clock, why are you still so tired? It’s likely you woke up in the middle of one of these cycles. When you interrupt a cycle, you often drag your brain out of a deep sleep or dream-state, and it can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented. It can have a serious affect on your concentration throughout the day, and will affect things like your attention span and your response times.

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The Low Beds. Welcome Your Guests With Gusto!

Low Modern Bed - Handmade Wooden Beds Frames by Get Laid Beds

Summer is the time to enjoy the company of family and friends and everyone would love to have extra room in the house to be able to host joyful summer parties and get together’s.  Time spent on planning applications and building costs is a thing of the past and more and more people are choosing to undergo a loft conversion to better utilise space that is already accessible to you.  If this space or a guest room is already available to you then our range of low beds could be the perfect Continue reading

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Summer is Here! Cue, The Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed Summer - Handmade Wooden Bed Frames by Get Laid Beds

The summer is here, and what better way to enjoy it than with a bright, spacious summery Four Poster Bed. To achieve a bedroom décor with a summer feel, one of the key factors is to make the most of the space available to you and furnish accordingly.

A feeling of space and bright airiness can be created in a number of ways. Whether it’s through decorating the bedroom with fresh colours, or by choosing the furniture wisely. The handmade Four Poster Bed is Continue reading

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