The Four Poster Bed – Iconic and Sophisticated


For centuries The Four Poster Bed has been the go-to design for those wanting the next level of bedroom comfort and luxury and even today, they still symbolise abundance and opulence.

The Four Poster Bed was first invented in Europe and was initially developed from simpler bed frames at the time due to wealthy noble-men and landowners wanting to exhibit their position in society. For this reason, they were constructed bigger more flamboyant than anything that had previously been seen. Robust and expensive Hardwoods were used as the materials draped in luxurious fabrics such as velvets and fine wools. The four posts not only provided the bed with an extra level of privacy but also trapped heat inside – vital in the cold unheated homes at the time. Continue reading

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Tight For Space? Consider A Space Saver Bed!

Low Oriental Bed Space Saver Bed

At Get Laid Beds, we believe our stylish bed should not compromise comfort and space within the home and to maximise the bed space available to you. Therefore we are introducing our new range of wooden beds – the Space Saver Bed range.

Families grow, jobs change and hobbies come and go. With the average bedroom size decreasing inversely proportionally to the amount of ‘clutter’ we now all possess – everyone is keen to take advantage of any extra space within the home

Our new Space Saver Bed Range works by superseding the concept of the mattress sitting within the bed frame but instead sitting flush directly on top of the bed frame.

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An Extra Large Bed To Suit The Most Adventurous


I am sure, for those who heard when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie expressed their needs for an 11ft bed because their 9ft bed wasn’t big enough for their growing family, the thought of having an extra large bed no doubt went through each and every one of our minds and if you didn’t, I’m sure it is now.

Perhaps the thought of having a lazy Sunday to do nothing but lie in front of the TV, or spend some good family time after a busy day at work or perhaps just simply to not be kicked in the shins or elbowed in the face throughout the night.

Because of this and through market research we have expanded the range of bed sizes we can now offer, originally topping off with a 6ft Super King Bed, over the past few years we have developed our range and now offer the following extra large bed sizes: Continue reading

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Introducing The New Hardwood Bed Range


At Get Laid Beds, we understand how hard it can be to choose your ideal bed, especially with the choices available when it comes to handmade beds.  Our new hardwood range of wooden beds may make that decision slightly easier.

From our classic wooden bed designs to our newer, more contemporary designs – our entire range of beds are now upgradable from a Solid Scandinavian Pine finish to a Solid Hardwood finish, including Oak, Cherry, Maple, Beech, Ash, Walnut and Mahogany.

What is Hardwood?

Hardwood is wood from broad-leaved angiosperm trees, and are mostly deciduous, whereas softwood Continue reading

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Low Four Poster Bed – Our Newest Addition


Introducing our newest product to the range, “The Low Four Poster Bed” – This latest design features the elegance that a four poster offers but with a modern and unique twist. It’s low profile will create the boldest of statements and is now a staff favourite!

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Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite!


When you were a child were you warned about the nasty bed bugs biting you in your sleep? It always makes children laugh but many people don’t realise how true a threat this actually is!

The “Bedbug” or Cimex Lectularius (to give the thing it’s latin name) has been regarded as a human parasite for literally thousands of years. This is because they feed pretty much exclusively from our blood.

They were given the name “Bedbug” because the bedroom is generally where they choose to live and breed – more specifically near to or inside your mattress or headboard! Whilst they are not exclusively nocturnal creatures they have a tendency to be most active when we go to sleep. They are extremely tiny and we usually wouldn’t know if they were feeding on us.

If this wasn’t enough to make you consider buying a new bed and mattress or just replacing your bedding then just think about all the millions of dead skin cells and hair follicles that your old mattress plays home to! Time for a change? Check out the range on our website.

We didn’t want to haunt your thoughts with a picture of a bed bug so heres one of a sleepy sealion, enjoy!

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Large Latex & Memory Foam Mattresses


At Get Laid Beds, we’re continually improving and developing our product range. We’re pleased today to introduce a wide variety of new Mattresses, which are of course all Handmade in England.

The carefully selected fabrics, natural fillings and exceptional comfort provided across all our products ensure whichever mattress you decide upon, you’ll always be buying the best mattress there is and having a perfect nights sleep.

We are delighted to introduce our new selection of mattresses encompassing, Pocket Sprung, Open Coil, Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses in almost every size imaginable (and not forgetting bespoke mattress sizes).  We here at Get laid Beds can provide you with same superb quality and delivered in the same fast service.

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Happy Customer Reviews – February

We continually pride ourselves with our quality range of products and friendly customer service.  We are always experiencing some great feedback and positive reviews from many of our customers.  Below is just a sample of some of our satisfied customers this February:

“You call: they answer; none of this recorded rubbish followed by Vivaldi. They are polite, efficient, good-natured and…………….patient with people like me – who need an age to decide!  If you change your mind as to which bed you want – I did- it is done for you proficiently.  Good, solid service which perfectly reflects their good, solid beds!

It was like going back to those better days when a customer was actually………..a customer!  Good for you, Get Laid Beds!”

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Choosing your ideal Low Bed Frame


We here at Get Laid Beds know how hard it can be to pick your ideal bed, especially with the choices available when it comes to handmade beds.  After careful deliberation we have some tips for you to follow, to help guide you through the process.

When choosing your low bed frame firstly look at why you want a low bed?  Is it their fashionable aesthetic or a more practical reason?  The fashion followers out there will love our Low Oriental Bed, with its functional headboard and minimalist designed legs that will not intrude on your bed spreads.  Currently fashion trends are screaming for the clean white lines that we can provide with our Scandinavian Pine bed frames and also the White Wash and Off White Cream stains can really change up your room.  With the White Wash Satin stain really adding some texture to modern bedrooms.  Also if you have a low bed frame in mind, but with a slightly larger ground clearance (or less) we can make this happen through our bespoke alteration service.

If you have more practical reasons for a low bed choice such as a low level window or generally low sloping ceilings then a Low Loft Bed is the perfect solution.  With minimal ground clearance it is a delicately designed simple bed frame that will fit in with most bedroom styles. Continue reading

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We Now Accept American Express

American Express

We are proud to announce that we now accept American Express (Amex) as a payment method, both online and through phone sales.  We hope this new addition will be helpful.  Let us know how you get on!

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