Ideal Beds For Small Bedrooms

The size of your bedroom will have a huge influence on the type of bed frame that you choose. Our Low Wood Bed Frames tend to be ideal for bedrooms that are short on space, particularly if your room has a restrictive ceiling height. Alternatively, if your room is small in size, yet the height of your ceiling isn’t the issue, we would recommend going with one of our Space Saving Beds.

Low Bed Frames
This type of bed frame takes inspiration from the Japanese tradition of near-floor sleeping. Low bed frames are ideal for children, as it reduces the risk of them falling out of bed. Making it a popular choice for parents may have their baby sleeping in their bed. Low bed frames are one of our specialities, we offer several designs, all of which are unique and ideal for small bedrooms. Our low bed frames are recommended for bedrooms with a restrictive ceiling height.

Space Saving Beds
An ideal choice for those that have a small bedroom, the difference between our standard wood beds and a space saving bed is that with a space saving bed, the mattress rests on top of the bed frame rather than sitting inside of the frame. This reduces the overall width of the frame to help save you a few extra inches of floor space, which can be vital in small bedrooms.

All of our traditional and bespoke wood bed frames were designed with our customers in mind, we have a wood bed to cater for everybody’s needs. No matter what size your bedroom is, we are bound to have the perfect bed for you, this is why we offer so much customizability on all of our handcrafted beds. But if your bedroom is particularly small, we’d highly suggest going with a low bed frame or a space saving bed frame.

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