Beds for the Attic Room

By Jonathan 23 October 2019


If you’re considering turning your loft into a bedroom, one of the considerations is the bed you’re going to choose. This needs to fit in the space but still be comfy and supportive for a great night’s sleep. We have solutions to the common space issues faced during the conversion process.

Low Modern Attic Bed

As the name suggests, this wood bed is the ideal choice for any attic conversion. The Low Modern Bed is minimal in height, which will fit into even the most restrictive spaces. It uses our superior slats (not sprung) for maximum support and minimal movement.

Low Oriental Bed

If you have a little more ceiling space and want a headboard, the Low Oriental Bed is our recommendation. It is modern and minimal in design. The headboard offers support, while remaining small enough to fit within a sloped ceiling.

Why Buy from Get Laid Beds?

Bespoke Sizes

We strongly believe a bed should be perfect for you. With all our beds being handcrafted to order, we can offer a high degree of customization. Whether you’re looking to adjust the height or even remove some length, our team of experts make this possible.

Any Color

Not only can the sizes be altered, but we also offer a range of colour finishes to choose from. This includes natural looking finishes such as honey as well as other beautiful options such as warm white. Solid hardwood is also available, which works great for matching existing furniture.

Handcrafted By Us

All our beds are handmade to order to ensure quality. We use traditional methods as well as solid slats for a sturdy finish built to last.

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