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How To Maintain Handcrafted Wooden Bed Frames and Keep Them Looking Their Best

Our handcrafted beds are investment pieces; quality solid wood beds with an ...

The History of the Christmas Tree

For many British families, decorating the Christmas tree often marks the beginning of the festive season. But what is this tradition all ...

Merry Christmas From Get Laid Beds

This festive season, we’re looking back at all of the wonderful things that have happened in 2022, as well as readying ourselves for an...

Metal Beds vs Wooden Beds: Which should you choose?

Whilst many view metal as the strongest and most resilient material for bed frames, more and more people are discovering the elegant dura...

Which Bed Frame Color Will Match My Decor?

Whether you are looking for a grand four poster canopy bed or something a bit more subtle, we can all agree that the bed is the centrepie...

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Wooden Bed Frame

There’s nothing we like more than hearing from delighted customers who have received the wooden bed of their dreams. It’s something w...

9 Small Bedroom Ideas For Maximizing Space

When it comes to a functioning bedroom, the number one priority is probably storage space; unless of course you prefer form of function. ...

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A 5 Star Hotel

You know that feeling when you step into your fancy 5 star hotel room for the first time? The one where you gawk at the perfectly neat be...

100% Solid Wood: Every bed, every time

With a trained eye, our craftsmen work with only the best cuts of wood to preserve the natural character of the timber and provide except...
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